What is upbringing, or when can you relax?

Naturally, when a small miracle is born (for someone wrinkled and squeaking lump), a reasonable person understands that he must be brought up. What is upbringing? This is what Wikipedia says:

“Education is the purposeful formation of a personality in order to prepare it for participation in social and cultural life in accordance with sociocultural normative models. By definition, academician I. P. Pavlov, education is a mechanism for ensuring the preservation of the population’s historical memory. The goals of education are the expected changes in a person, carried out under the influence of specially prepared and systematically conducted educational actions and actions. ”

Very smart phrases. Especially - “targeted formation”. And the goals of education should generally hang on the wall, like a slogan. Even starting a pet, a man teaches him some rules. Probably, in order to make it easier for him (the man) to live. The child, having come to this world, will live not only with you, but also independently, when he grows up.

So what to do? How to teach and what?

I think it would be right if the young parent (better both) reads the literature on the topic of education (good, there is plenty of it and the choice is yours). Although if this process is too deep, then the child, at least, will go to kindergarten, and as a maximum - turn you into a grandmother and grandfather.

Even before conceiving a child, that is, during his “desire”, you need to understand for yourself:

1. This is for life (God forbid that yours). Small, and subsequently a big baby will always accompany you. This is not a cat that you can give someone.

2. We must understand that the child needs attention not only in the first year of his life when he is helpless. But the rest of his life. Again, it is up to you how you build relationships with the child.

3. In the first years of life you need to devote a lot of time to the child. So that he grows up healthy, smart, respecting and loving you (and not only you). What you teach him, he will be able to, want and do.

When can you relax in the process of education?

Some people think that today I bring up, and tomorrow, let's say, on Sunday, I have a day off. But this does not happen and should not be. We ourselves learn all our lives. And if we suddenly stop the learning process, then we miss something in our life.

The child is a very clever creature, and thinks faster than us adults. He will ask the same question a thousand times, and not because it is harmful. And what if today you can do what was impossible yesterday? What many parents and come across. And this is wrong.

Need to be consistent. And not to be confused, in the first place, a child. In the second - yourself (today you can, tomorrow you can not, in a few days you can again). Just get confused! Then it will be easier and easier for you to communicate in the future. The main thing is that your decisions should not depend on the mood, but should be logically explained to the child (preferably, in a form understandable to him).

How do we memorize some rule? We repeat it to ourselves several times in order to be remembered. The child is the same person as we are, only small.

How old to start raising?

There is a phrase - "yesterday." No need to wait: that's when he grows up, then I will explain this or that to him. I do not call in two years to tell in colors and with examples where children come from (although it is possible and that, but in a language understandable to him).

Mom begins to raise the child when he is still inside her. She talks to him, sings. When he is especially active, he calms. Why is the child usually calm in the arms of his mother? Because he hears her heartbeat.

Parenting is a process that never ends! Love your children, only without fanaticism. He is only to their detriment. Never get tired. Remember that everything that you do for your child will come back to you without fail. I wish you success!

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