Do I need to teach my son male work?

In our man-made age, homework becomes less tedious than before. Smart cars made it easier for many people, especially when they were busy at work until late at night. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers freed from the household routine. The girl with her mother comprehends the basics of cooking, cleaning the apartment, performing simple tasks. The boy also helps mom.

But there is homework and cottage work to be performed by a man. After all, in fact, do not call the same master to drive a nail into the wall. And the question arises: should a father teach his son how to work?

I have not accidentally touched on this topic. Now there are a lot of young people who cannot fix the current tap, replace the cartridge in the chandelier. Say, nothing, they say, and the master of what? But after all, there are situations in life that it is impossible to call "a husband for an hour." And before the young wife rarely anyone wants to seem clumsy.

I was eleven years old without a father. There was no one to learn the wisdom of housework. But in schools, then there was a good program of study at the lessons of labor. We studied carpentry, made stools, birdhouses, cutting boards and many other household items. Worked with a jigsaw. We were taught to work on the lathe, milling and drilling machines. In the pioneer camps in the senior units, we went hiking, where we learned to put up a tent and make a fire.

So what should a father teach his son? First of all, be a man and do not succumb to difficulties. It is necessary as often as possible to involve the boy in the implementation of emerging household problems, whether it be the replacement of a light bulb or a faulty outlet. Show him how to do it. Let him help to serve the right tool, even a child of four or five years old can help with this. And please do not push the child away if he offers his help. Once you refuse, in the other - that's all, the son will not work anymore.

When the boy becomes older, introduce him to the tools: why you need a screwdriver, how to use it. What is pliers, nippers, what is the difference, what are they for. How to hammer a nail. Do not be afraid to give nails and planks, let him do it himself. Maybe he is not useful to him (although unlikely). But the hours spent together will be remembered for a long time - that's for sure. When the son goes to high school, teach the guy a more difficult job. This acquaintance with the electric drill, repair simple technology. I think you have something “broken” for learning.

If you have a cottage or garden, it is generally great for a boy. At the dacha is always a lot of work. The simplest thing is cutting wood. Every man should be able to hold an ax in his hands, kindle a stove, prepare a simple lunch. Building a greenhouse, a greenhouse is not without help. So let your son be the helper. Digging up the land for plantings, the formation of beds requires muscular effort and contribute to physical development, which will also benefit.

During the trip for berries or mushrooms, which usually takes place overnight, he will be able to make a fire, cook dinner on a fire, and if necessary, spread a tent. All this will help your boyfriend to be at the height of any life whirlwind. And also do not forget that someday he will also become a father and will have to teach his son to all of this.

I would like to add that if at least one person has an article useful, I will assume that it was not written in vain.

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