Leave to breastfeed: how to do it without any problems?

In truth, I also thought that it was very easy to quit breastfeeding, but when I got to the point, I realized that I was wrong. I fed my first child up to 1 year and 9 months. He loved to feast on my mother's milk and did not fall asleep without a breast. I assumed that I would have problems with the child, that he would be naughty, nervous, demand, etc.

Good people told me that you need to smear aloe juice on your nipples. The child will take the nipple in his mouth and, instead of the usual taste, he will feel bitter, then he will refuse the breast himself. The advice really turned out to be good, and that's exactly what happened to me. My baby without any particular tantrums refused to breastfeed. One problem was less, and I came to grips with the issue of milk burning.

Again, I turned to my friends for useful advice. Some said that they were tightly tied up and drank as little as possible of the liquid, as a result of which the milk burned out 2–3 days later, others took pills that reduce lactation. I decided to try a tight bandaging. And then a nightmare began.

By evening, my chest was so full that it was impossible to touch her. There was a feeling that under my skin I shoved a whole bag of stones, which were now tearing at the chest from the inside. I started massaging it with tears in my eyes, because the pain was simply unbearable, then slowly squeezed and massaged again. In the morning I had a high fever, which, in addition to the sleepless night, completely knocked me down.

It was so bad that I decided to spit on everything and continue to feed, but my baby didn’t want to eat anymore, apparently, he really didn’t like the bitterness of aloe juice. And the milk continued to arrive skillfully. I bought pills that reduce lactation, carefully read the instructions, but did not particularly pay attention to the side effects.

But when I took the first pill, I felt all these special effects on me: I started to feel dizzy, vomiting occurred periodically, dry mouth, arrhythmia, drowsiness, general weakness, and an allergy to a snack. In general, all the listed side list, except that hallucinations.

More, of course, I did not take these pills. Day lain in bed, getting up only to massage and express breast. Ten days later, my milk still burned out. The result - the cessation of lactation - was achieved, but I still remember this period of my life as a bad dream. But I got a great experience of how not to do it. And this experience helped me a lot when I became a mother for the second time.

The process of weaning my second baby was completely painless and even pleasant, because we did everything together. True, for the duration it took longer, about three weeks. Therefore, if weaning requires urgency, then this option will not work.

  • The first thing you need to do is make a confident decision: “I don’t want to breastfeed anymore, because I believe that it does not benefit me or my baby anymore.”
  • The second is to purchase and put on a tight bra, better without pits.
  • Then proceed to the procedure of gradually reducing lactation.

For example, when I made the above decision, I fed my child 3 times a day: twice a day and once a night. I removed one feeding and continued to feed twice a day for one week. During this time, the production of milk by my body has decreased significantly. Then I removed another feeding and fed the rest of the week only for the night. The milk gradually burned out, and this process did not bring me any discomfort.

Baby in his 1 year and 2 months was a little naughty because of such innovations, but very quickly adjusted to the new rules. Here the main thing is to endure and not let the child crying manipulate themselves. I understood that breast milk as a food was no longer needed by the child, because by that time his daily ration included everything necessary for the growth and development of the body.

In the third week I started skipping the night feedings. After a two-day break, my chest filled with more than usual and even began to ache in the evening, but my baby immediately came to my aid and sucked the milk. By the end of the week, the milk finally burned out. And this time there was no temperature, tears, wild pain, dizziness, pills and other delights of my first experience.

Of course, any child is individual and in every situation has its own nuances. Therefore, each mother herself must decide, and most importantly, to feel when and how to wean her baby from the breast. I, in turn, want to wish you and your kids as quickly and painlessly as possible to go through this important stage of growing up.

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