Oriental tales, or How to dress at home?

How nice it is to come home from work and throw off high stilettos from tired legs, take off underwear, loosen hair, wash off make-up - let your skin breathe, climb into comfortable trampled slippers (they already had noses on their noses, didn’t they?) . A nice body sweater? So what, that stretched, and a few spots can not be removed, but warm!

You already understand where I am going. Having met you for the first time, the man was amazed / smitten / fascinated - it’s necessary to emphasize - yes, yes, just by his appearance, and only then - by the richness and beauty of your inner world. Do you ever think that after the end of the probationary period at work, to stop observing the dress code or to do the styling?

I think I will not reveal America to you if I say that relations are much more difficult work than work. And, it seems, everyone understands this, but ... But somehow worn sneakers, heightened shaggyness and smeared mascara for some reason sneak up imperceptibly and spoil our whole raspberry! So what? - you say - now and at home to walk on heels and "during the parade"? Of course, you are right in your own way, but do not forget one thing: no matter how great the hostess and the keeper of the family hearth in you live, the woman must always remain a woman.

So let's start with the shoes. If the position requires you to wear shoes with heels, or you are a fan of refined stilettos, you want to give your feet a rest at home. Closed slippers are not forbidden, but very quickly trampled and lose their shape. Moreover, in shoes without a backdrop and pulls shuffle, especially after it spreads a little and begins to fall off his feet. The spectacle is unpleasant, and the sound is not better. Alternatively, you can choose shoes ballerinas - soft ballet shoes. They look neat, sit on the leg nicely. Or get a few pairs of insulated socks - your steps will be soft and noiseless, like a cat's.

Of course, if you have naughty slippers with a red fluffy pompom on your legs, a washed-up robe will look at least strange. A bathrobe is needed in case of hiking from bed to bathroom and back. And that's all.

Here it should be noted that it is very important whether you live together or not. You can choose more frivolous clothes, if there is no one else to admire apart from you and your husband, otherwise the surprised looks of relatives cannot be avoided. I consider frivolous not only translucent T-shirts and short shorts, but overly tight leggings, and too deep cuts on blouses, although for all the measures of decency are different: that for some taboos, for others - the norm. Just pay attention to it.

So, everything shapeless, stretched, and also that which is great, are ruthlessly thrown away in order to get rid of the temptation to wear “this”. Even when you’re alone at home, wear the same clothes that you’ll usually do — for a husband. So you quickly acquire a good habit of looking at home well. Clothes can be any - the main thing is that it should sit on you, emphasize advantages and conceal flaws. Choose bright colors - you are not in a strict regime colony, right? Combine and change more often: today in blue, tomorrow in red. And the mood will be better, do not let us miss you or your husband!

Hair and makeup

As for make-up, on the one hand, after a tiring work day, I want to wash off all the makeup along with the dust that has flown all day ... On the other, the lack of foundation reveals skin imperfections, and without eyelashes there are no eyelashes at all. Creepy picture? Not at all! First, properly cleansed and daily moisturized skin will not “revenge” you with redness, often tone and powder are not needed at all. As for eyeliner and mascara, it’s a matter of taste and, perhaps, features of the body. I, for example, naturally have light eyelashes, and without mascara my eyes are bald. Therefore, I paint the eyelashes at the hairdresser every month with a special professional restorative paint. You can make eyelash extensions, then you will always “fly up”, enchanting everyone with one stroke of eyelashes, besides, you will save time every day - you will not have to tint them anymore.


Well, coming home, you can leave the styling until the evening or gently pin up your hair styled in the morning with pretty hairpins if you wear loose hair. And the weekend? This can be taken care of in the evening: just braid your hair in a braid. In the morning you will have neat waves. Hairpins, gum, headbands and other wonderful inventions for the hair - to help you. Experiment! By the way, those tasteless earrings that he gave you on March 8 are very suitable for a home ensemble - it is not difficult for you, but it is nice for him! The main thing, do not forget to pay attention to it!


Of course, I want to combine business with useful and nourish the skin with leftover cucumber, which you chop into a salad. But ... don't do it. Let for your lover remain a secret behind seven seals, why your skin is so soft and smooth, your hair glistening and flowing, and your body smells so delicious that you want to eat! Choose a day and start a tradition: lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour or two and ... enjoy these minutes! Masks for face, body, hair. Aromatic bath, candles. Hand and face massage. Manicure and pedicure, if you prefer to do it yourself, and not trust the salon masters. During this time, you will relax, spend time with benefit and extremely beneficial, including for your mood!

Of course, if force-time-air temperature allows, sometimes indulge your sweet extravagant outfit: playful peignoirs, translucent dressing gowns ... On Saturday morning he gets up, goes to the kitchen, and there you are: cook pancakes in an apron on a naked body. What do you think he will be for breakfast?

In conclusion, I would like to say that everything you do for yourself beloved will positively affect your relationship with a person who is dear to your heart, and therefore go for it!

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