How does a man behave if he likes a woman?

So signs that a man is interested in you (if you are a woman):

Sight. Take a good look at his eyes. Are his pupils dilated? If so, good luck on your side! The wider the pupils, the better. Closer look adds chances. Now get away. If you are not indifferent to him, he will look at the whole body, but at the same time try not to catch his eye.

Head. Showing interest, a person unconsciously tilts his head to the right or left. If he tilted his head, then he is ready to listen to you, and with great interest. In addition, will nod in agreement with what he hears.

Smile. Experts on the psychology of communication claim that it will be broad, even if usually a man behaves with restraint.

Lips. He constantly bites them, tries to moisten them, plays with his tongue or lips. Can tap on them with a finger (but without covering the mouth with a palm). This gives the erotic mood of both men and women. Check it out!

Stroking. A good sign - stroking eyebrows and hair. But if he began to rub his chin - the case is bad.

Speech. He starts talking faster and faster. The sentences are short and clear. At first it is a sign of confusion, afterwards an attempt to charm you with words.

Body. A man will try to keep as close to you as possible. And he will do it with slow steps. Hands will rub his throat, pull a tie or a collar. Will try to hurt you, although it is more common for women.

Imitation. You take a glass in your hand - he, too, stroking your hair - he copies, and unknowingly. It is very funny to watch all this from the side.

If you try to find where to sit, and there are other people around, he will find a place for you so that as few people as possible fall into your field of vision, and only he has access to your place. Simply put, put you in the far corner.

Confusion. A common occurrence for lovers. Usually manifested in the scratching of the temple.

In a public place, you see him, he is discussing something vigorously and gaily with someone, while looking at you. After that passes by you, without looking into your eyes.

More peculiar to women. At the sight of an interesting person trying to shake the hair as much as possible.

If you like to watch ads, watch. These methods are used to attract the viewer's attention. A person instinctively reacts to the manifestation of interest in him.

Finally, I’ll tell you how to determine in a relationship in a couple that a man (and not only) telling lies:

  • Applies to when talking hands mouth.
  • His gaze wanders or just looks down.
  • Moments eyebrows for a moment (you need to be careful here, because it happens very quickly). Not to be confused with a completely opposite sign: when a man, just seeing you, lifts his eyebrows, he is very glad to see you.

Good luck in your love relationship!

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