Why does a child need a tablet?

Advertising for children is much faster than for adults. So, in a letter to Grandfather Frost, our nearly ten-year-old daughter wrote a single sentence: "Take out and put me, grandfather, a ten-inch tablet under the Christmas tree."

We thought about the need for this new toy and therefore overlapped all the articles, posts, forums and links with the pros and cons of the tablet for the child.

On the one hand, it is harmful. This is, firstly, affects the vision, secondly, the abundance of online toys does not have the child’s development, and thirdly, the social networks that are so easily accessible from the tablet are evil for the child.

On the other hand, many people object that today's children need much more information than we did when we ourselves were children. Developing, making independent decisions, the child becomes more responsible, competent and collected. After all, in order to reach a certain level in almost any popular game, it is necessary to have not only logic and intuition, but also the ability to calculate several opponent's moves in advance. That is, today the tablet affects our children, as in our time we were influenced by checkers, chess and other logical bulky games. And if a child using the tablet during the game learns the language, learns the flora and fauna, then here the value of knowledge outweighs.

Grandparents with grandmothers, who are still far from the Internet, believe that the child’s tablet is zombies. And what do modern adult parents say?

Louise, USA, 35 years: “How is it understood. Especially the Christmas presents for two-year-olds in the form of an i-pad. And this is a necessity! In modern children, the stomach has long been filled, they need food information. And there's nothing wrong with that. ”

Natalia, Moscow, 52 years old: “At one time, the Lego game was not cheap. My son just went to school, and in fact the 90s were. And I - without a husband and support. I said: for every five - a money in the piggy bank, for a two - I take it, so I saved it myself. ”

Anna, Novosibirsk, 29 years: "Yes. Technology children need. My son reads e-books instead of paper, the news is the same, he knows the world. He is fond of biology, but books are so hard, and expensive to buy. And so the hobby is encouraged, and the school is useful. "

As a result, we decided to buy a tablet for our daughter. And not lost. Now her homework is always saved in a special program, the references are immediately copied to the browser and downloaded with ready-made archives of books, and the games, no matter how we feared, were very quickly tired of it. In social networks, she exchanges views with classmates and even with the class teacher. And the useful information has become much more.

So the tablet, as it turned out, a thing for the child is very useful!

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