Gift wrapping. How to surprise?

You can shake the touching and tenderness of the gift. Such gifts are especially long remembered. The soul is embedded in them, they carry a piece of love. And completely optional check with five zeros.

Most recently, examining the grandmother's home archive, found her children's drawing. I made it for a holiday, especially for my beloved granny. She has not been with us for many years ... And I grew up long ago, and the drawing lives! Carefully kept warm caring hands.

Gift wrapping is a whole art. In the bustle and bustle, we sometimes just forget about this side of etiquette. We bought a gift at the last moment, at best ran into the packaging department - and now we carry as a gift a roll wrapped in conveyor paper ... Heartless, beautiful, standardly packaged.

However, it is worth spending quite a bit of time, turning on the fantasy, and you are the owner of an exclusive package. No special materials required, everything is at hand. Some pieces of fabric, small sheets of paper, ribbons, twine, tape, scissors - and the gift takes on a completely different meaning.

Even an ordinary, banal bottle becomes a unique gift. Judge for yourself: a well-made “robe” turns a standard bottle of wine into a personal gift for a doctor or nurse.

Very little material - and a bottle of strong brandy turns into a gift for a business woman.

Towel as a gift - quite simple. And so? A few passes with his hands, and the towel turns ... turns into a towel ... into a funny bunny, a baby elephant, or a basket of roses. Would you remember such a gift?

In each of us lives a creative genius. Unresolved ... And how often "on feats" we are pushed by other people's finds. We seem to be infected with ideas. And the hands begin to grow from the right place.

You can pack a gift in anything. A plain glass jar of canned food can be a unique container for an exclusive gift. We put a satin or lace cap on the cover, we wrap the jar itself with ribbons or colored threads for knitting. An ordinary jar of jam will be a touching gift.

Having pasted such a can with seashells or sequins, painting it with paints or arranging with packing paper to your taste, we get an individual gift in the style and spirit of the person being congratulated. Who knows his interests better than you?

Usually such packages are not thrown away; they become homemade relics. They are proud, praise to friends, they are cherished more than the gift itself. Why? Any thing done by yourself is a value. In it is Love, Interest, Respect, Exclusive. And what is more valuable today than these qualities? The coolest flint will be touched to the depths of the soul, and the romantic nature will come to indescribable delight. So we also achieved it!

Create, make, cook and gifts, and packaging in advance. Experiment. Unleash your creativity. This is so exciting!

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