House, apartment or hut? We count and reflect

How does it all start? Since filing an application to the MO (municipality) for the purchase of a land plot for building a house.

After the adoption of a positive decision, KUMI (Municipal Property Management Committee) appoints an auction for the sale of this plot. Wins the one who offers the highest amount. This is an axiom of bidding. But it is not always the one who would like to build a house or another building on this place wins in them: the presence of moth firms at the auction is an essential attribute. This allows you to raise the price from the declared value sometimes several times. For M O this is an additional income!

We will not talk about various “reconciliations” and “kickbacks”. Where does the money go ...

In the good old (and for some, and not very) times in the USSR, there were organizations such as the State Planning Commission, the ACS (capital construction departments), large construction trusts engaged in construction. Now everything is scolded by what was in the USSR, rejecting the useful. Yes, now there are also general plans for the development of territories. Only who and what is involved there is difficult to answer. Basically - compaction of buildings. But if there is a master plan, there should be appropriate documentation. This is where a situation arises when both problems with documentation and all approvals fall on the developer’s shoulders - there is no link that solves organizational issues. Construction trusts destroyed - and what in return?

Small building company. Of course, they are able to dig a pit, at best, to build a box - and disappear along with the money collected. And then the trials of deceived real estate investors begin: there is no water, no light, no sewage system ...

It happens and vice versa: all this is present, but it turns out that the building was erected "illegally." And the court decides on the demolition of the house in which people have already begun to live. The house is illegal, so the tenants are also illegal. An interesting question: where were all these "controlling" organizations before?

And in this case, do people who have sold the old housing, took out a mortgage loan in the bank and were left with nothing? After all, if there is a development plan, then everything should go according to this plan. It is here that these very “kickbacks” float to the scene.

Corruption erodes many structures of our society, but as far as real estate is concerned, this is a gold mine for those who manage sales assets and the distribution of free land areas. If everything was done within the law - the cost per square meter of housing would be much less. After all, the summing up of all communications and the erection of social structures (kindergartens, schools, shops) should be under the jurisdiction of MO And the connection of water, heat, light, sewage, too. The builders would have only one thing left: high-quality construction, functions unusual for their profile would not distract them.

In 2012, banks issued a mortgage loan of about $ 1 trillion. rubles. It seems to be a huge amount. But how many can afford to take a loan? Most people are waiting for failure - because earnings are incommensurable with payments for a mortgage. But the last decade, our native state was engaged only in the fact that all prices led to the world level.

Now world prices - and the salary? 2−3 times less. Mortgage is 3-5 times more expensive. It turns out that the majority of people cannot solve their housing problems.

Although the construction of housing for people and other infrastructure is beneficial for the economy. The production of cement, brick, rebar and many related components would increase. There would be jobs, reduced unemployment.

If you focus on the construction of social housing instead of shopping centers, then in 10−15 years the housing problem would be more resolved.

But, apparently, for a long time the paradise of the young will be in a hut.

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