How to make the kitchen cozy?

Wanting to squeeze as much useful detail as possible into a tiny room, we involuntarily litter the already small space. So try to follow the seven main rules when planning your kitchen.

1. The rule of the triangle

A sink, stove and fridge should form an imaginary triangle. When cooking, you do not have to run to different ends of the kitchen from the refrigerator to the stove. With this arrangement, everything is at hand.

2. Everything has its place

The kitchen keeps a huge amount of various useful trifles, dishes, cutlery. Everything has to have its place, which in small kitchens is sorely lacking. In this case, you will save wall cabinets, a variety of shelves that can be hung anywhere, even above the refrigerator. The main thing is not to occupy the space above the stove. For this there is a third rule.

3. Install the hood

The hood is an absolute necessity for any kitchen where everything is constantly boiling, baking and roasting. High-quality exhaust should make the air circulate properly, effectively remove excess moisture and odors. In fact, this simple unit saves the kitchen from mold and prolongs the life of furniture, kitchen appliances and everything that does not tolerate high humidity.

4. Let there be light!

The kitchen is first of all a workplace, and here it is not worth saving on lighting. Not to do not only without bright central illumination, but also without additional light sources above the working table, the sink. Above the stove there is enough of a lamp built into the hood.

5. Equip the desktop

The cooking table should be spacious, uncluttered. Of course, in the process of work you will need a variety of kitchen utensils, but this does not mean that all of them should be kept on the table. Arrange everything you need in the drawers, cabinets, shelves near the desk. Numerous little things will still be at hand, but the space will not be littered.

6. Get rid of wallpaper

No one would ever think to glue wallpaper in the bathroom. But after all, they are of little use for the kitchen. The paper coating is easily contaminated, or even completely peeled off due to high humidity. Well, how to remove accidentally splashed oil from wallpaper? Of course, laying tiles in the kitchen is a drastic measure. Simply cover the walls with plastic panels. They are produced, like wallpapers, with various patterns. If necessary, you can easily remove any dirt from them with a normal damp cloth. At the same time such panels will last many times longer than wallpaper.

7. Allocate a place for waste

Last but not least, a rule of thumb: always take a permanent place in your kitchen. Better if it is somewhere under the sink. Inevitably, after cooking, any garbage remains: bags, wrappers, food packaging, etc. The waste must also have its place, most importantly, do not forget to get rid of them regularly.

Only seven simple recommendations will help you turn the cramped kitchen into a comfortable workplace. Cook with pleasure!

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