Are family values ​​coming back to Russia?

And in fact, many women are not in a hurry to get married, preferring to first pursue a career. Many men are not in a hurry to marry, meticulously choosing the girlfriend of life. Not all married couples are eager to immediately get children, believing that you first need to provide the material basis for themselves and future offspring. And, of course, marriage statistics are beginning to look depressing, the birth rate is falling, and some particularly zealous adherents of family values ​​already say that a law should be passed obliging women to marry and have children (at least one) before twenty years old - they have thought of such an idea one nice lady, Natalya Baskova, deputy of the Chelyabinsk City Duma.

But is everything as scary as it seems? Or - as it is. Perhaps such a view is another “horror story”, like criminal chronicles that do not come down from TV screens (after watching such programs it’s scary to go outside - it seems that there are only thugs and murderers around, and then you’re going out - and nothing like that, nice and adequate people).

Little family story about the meeting of the New Year. Before the holiday, the son unexpectedly expressed a desire to go to celebrate the New Year with his grandmother. And he motivated it by the fact that the New Year is a family holiday, and it should be celebrated in the bosom of the family. Returning from the "grandmother's guests", he started calling around his friends to congratulate them on the coming New Year. And here it turned out that almost everyone is out of touch: who is with parents, who is with grandmother and grandfather, who is with aunts - depending on the place of birth (non-resident aunts who could not go to their ancestors home for a short weekend) . After the tenth call, the son said: “Well, I thought so! We'll have to send postcards.

Interestingly, all this warm company used to prefer an independent New Year's meeting - to rent an apartment, go to someone to the country, “survive” from the parents' apartment for the duration of the holiday, and so on. That is, to secure a square, and then assemble "without ancestors." But then the kids got a little older and rushed for the holidays to relatives. Immediately, I would like to say that the financial question has nothing to do with it: all these “children” earn very well and went to their relatives not because of empty pockets and refrigerators. And many who went to the periphery, dragged with a bag of delicacies - to pamper relatives on the occasion of the holiday.

Somehow it is not too reminiscent of the rejection of family values. Moreover, this situation is not unique. More and more people, "having fed on" independence, recalls these very family values, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers.

The eDarling website conducted a survey on the New Year's meeting, and as a result of the survey, it turned out that 70% of respondents celebrated New Year with their families (while only 30% consider this holiday to be a family celebration, and for most New Year is an association with childhood, tangerines and waiting for a miracle). Almost all respondents installed a New Year tree, decorating it with old toys, stocked with Christmas gifts. Olivier's salad and herring under a fur coat returned to the New Year's tables (curiously, since canned peas ceased to be a deficit, Olivier's salad came off the holiday tables, and then suddenly - a massive return, 60% of respondents voted for Olivier). But only 8% of respondents went to a restaurant / club, and 12% went on a visit (interesting, and the trip to the mother or grandmother on the New Year is considered “guests”?).

And different thoughts roam in my head ... Maybe Russia did not give up family values, and in vain they frighten us? Maybe the whole thing is only that old stereotypes were broken, they were replaced by new ideas, a new understanding of reality, and family values ​​in such a “fragile” period were just a bit removed from the first plan. And now, when we had gorged on what seemed to be a deficit or an unattainable peak before, when we saw enough of a glitch in the eyes of various glamor, I remembered these family values ​​that had been pushed for a while. And I wanted to see Olivier’s salad and herring under a fur coat again, to decorate the tree with old toys familiar from childhood, to feel the warmth and comfort of family relationships.

It’s not for nothing that many meet the New Year with their families, it’s not for nothing that my son’s best friend loaded up like a good workhorse and begged two extra days off from his superiors, rushed to his mother for a thousand and a half kilometers. Not for nothing half of the apartments of our house showed dark windows on a festive night, and in the second half children and adults ran in crowds - several generations of families gathered ...

Yes, so why am I ... In general, happy New Year, new happiness and new hopes! With the return of family values, gentlemen!

Watch the video: Russia's rise in conservative family values. Unreported World (March 2020).


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