How to put the baby to sleep?

It seems that motion sickness, lulling, persuading the baby to fall asleep as soon as possible can only lull you to sleep, but not the restless baby, who wants to frolic a little more, a little more ... Yes, how many there this night!

And yet ... how to put the baby to bed quickly, easily and without whims? And I know the secret!

As soon as I became aware of this method, I deliberately watched my baby, trying to find out if this was so. And it turned out that this principle really works, and knowing its mechanism, the process of putting the baby to bed has become much simpler.

And this secret is simple to indecency and it sounds like this:

Morning defines evening

What is translated into "human" language means: what was the morning, so will be the evening.

Therefore, if the morning of the baby began with a bad mood, with whims or other troubles, in the same way he will behave before bedtime. And if the baby woke up contentedly, calmly and smoothly entered the new day, then it will fall asleep in the same way: calmly, without whims and on time.

Knowing this pattern, you can easily secure a quiet evening, if you do not allow the baby to cry or get upset immediately after waking up.

For example, if a baby doesn’t wake up in a mood - stroke it, tickle it with a feather, treat it with something tasty and healthy, laugh it, etc. Probably, you know what it is that can distract your baby from evil thoughts, starting from the age of the baby.

Perhaps the baby has something to hurt or something is bothering him - find the cause and eliminate it.

In short, your task is to crush the source of irritation in the bud. Believe me, your efforts spent in the morning are worth it, and in the evening you will appreciate it!

A pleasant morning, of course, will allow you to put your baby to bed with much less effort, but, as you understand, this is not the only tool in my mother's arsenal.

Kaleidoscope of “sleeping pills” tips

We put to bed without haste. As it was often said, the baby’s nervous system is still far from perfect, therefore some processes in it are completely different than in us adults. For example, the process of inhibition (shit, do not laugh!) - the child needs much more time to switch from one lesson to another.

For example, if the crumb is in the midst of a game of pirates, then your "time to sleep" absolutely will not fit into his picture of sea battles. Accordingly, either it will simply be ignored, or it will be designated as “execute later”.

Knowing this feature, give your child the opportunity to finish the game, or at least "pause the game." For example, play along to the kid, say that on the horizon you see a deserted island on which it would be nice to have an overnight stay. Give the baby 3 minutes to “swim to the shore and disembark”, and then start Sleep ritual.

Even if your family does not know what a regime is, in the case of putting a baby in a bainki, it should be followed. Children, in fact, are big conservatives. It is very important for them to know that some processes are unchanged and will repeat with enviable constancy in the same unchanged form. Only in this case, they feel safe.

Therefore, if the same question “How to put the baby to bed?” Rises before you every evening, analyze how you do it.

You need to start with the fact that you need to send your baby to sleep at exactly the same time (plus or minus 10 minutes). No one has yet canceled the biological clock, and in children, whose natural instincts are not yet drowned out by the work of consciousness, even more so. Very soon, the baby will get used to this time and will yawn and nod to the coveted “X” hour.

And then already someone like: bathing, lullaby, favorite toy, stroking the back, etc.

And what happens if you put to bed in violation of the usual ritual? The nervous system sends a signal to the brain “Alarm! Something is going wrong! This may be a security hazard! They did not give a bear - maybe now they will not eat? Anxiety!"

How do you think, how long will it take the baby to calm down again? Read the item "We are laying to sleep without haste."

Air the room. Do not be afraid that the baby will catch a cold or freeze - there is no reason for it. Just remember how the body reacts to the cold - it slows down the process of metabolism. And this is exactly what happens in a dream!

Thus, when the baby falls into a cool room every day before going to bed, his body will automatically start the process of falling asleep from that moment on! Miracle, is not it?

And, of course, do not forget about a comfortable bed made of natural fabrics, cozy pajamas, full (but not over-fed!) Stomach, silence and darkness.

I'm sure if you put all this into practice - you will no longer be asked again and again the question “How to put the baby to sleep?” Just like me.

I wish your baby delicate hugs of Morpheus and sweet dreams!

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