How to protect yourself in the house of mother in law?

Hang portraits of relatives

Recall the rule of the animal world: capturing the territory, it must be noted so that it is clear who is the boss here. You, probably, noticed that in every village house portraits of the owner's ancestors are hung on the walls, and they are placed in such a way that they immediately gaze at the incoming. Everyone who enters feels that he entered not into his own, but into someone else's house. Remember how in childhood you came to relatives in the village and were embarrassed under the eyes of some stern great-great-grandfather? Entering the house, the owner of which has as many “virtual defenders”, the guests feel respect and do not dare to behave in a cheeky way, as is the case in city apartments.

Portraits of reputable people for the offender

During the reign of Khrushchev, relations with China deteriorated, and some Chinese border guards entertained themselves by provoking Soviet soldiers who were on duty at the tower, getting up all sorts of obscenities. One day, when the disgracers especially dispersed, a portrait of the “wisest chairman” Mao Zedong rose above the Soviet border post. Bullies as the wind blew!

Religious symbols

People often ask me if the icon can play the same role as the portrait of the great-grandfather. To this I reply that with the help of the icon, oddly enough, you can only influence an atheist, because your goal is to remind the incoming person that he has entered the VA? Shu territory, and not on your own. If you hang the icon, trying to protect yourself from a person who himself holds icons, he will feel at home and will behave accordingly. Expect that he will still make remarks to you regarding the fact that you did not hang her up there, and that he would touch her with her hands - ostensibly to correct, but in fact, to show who is the boss here. Another thing is an atheist. When he sees the icons, he immediately feels that your room and the things in it are not his patrimony, even if he does not feel any respect for the shrines.

Attributes of the profession

In no case do not hide the attributes of your profession. For example, if you are a programmer, a mathematician, an engineer, and your mother-in-law or mother-in-law is a humanist, hang something more terrible on the wall with the Windows API function call formats, with drawings and double integrals. Especially a wide scope for invention is available to doctors.

Photos of your friends

Of course, if you are a cleaner, it makes no sense to hang a rag on a wall. In this case, it is better to hang photos of some people: for example, your friends from work - a plumber Petrovich or a loader Ivanovich. And the worse they look, the better. You can even use the services of a company that provides printing services, and make a montage of a photo of a bodybuilder so that they wear a hat with a hat and put a wrench in his hands. When the person bothering you asks you whose picture you have hanged, say that this is your best friend with whom you studied in the same class. He was detained for a long time in prison, but he was recently released, and he left you his phone "just in case."

Drawings and crafts of children

Parents of young children usually forget that the drawings, crafts, and other works of their children, hung on the wall, is an excellent talisman against attacks. With such an exhibition you constantly remind you that you are not someone there, but respectable parents of a talented child.

An excellent way to “mark the territory” is all kinds of letters and diplomas, badges, decorations and clothes with inscriptions, but none of these methods can compete with photos of your ancestors! This is truly a reminder that you are not another child of your mother-in-law or mother-in-law, whom she can, figuratively speaking, “carry around the ear”, but a completely stranger. Alas, as we know, no one behaves with strangers as freely as with his closest relatives!

Portrait of your abuser

Hang a portrait of your mother-in-law along with the portraits of your grandparents on the wall. Most likely, she would be ashamed to behave badly in front of her own portrait. In addition, the mother-in-law will be afraid that her portrait will be removed for bad behavior.

Posters, reminiscent of politeness

As a talisman from ill-bred relatives, you can hang on the wall any statement, for example: “You don’t go to someone else’s monastery with your charter”, “If you came to spoil your mood, go back”, “Knocking at the door is a sign of bad manners” etc. The same method can be used at work.

Get to the point with fiction - for example, make a poster with a caricature slightly reminiscent of the person who comes to you without end to bother, and very soon they will be left behind.

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