Does a baby like Luntik? Let's arrange a children's holiday in the necessary style!


After each viewing of the next series of “Luntik”, the mother of the future birthday girl asked her daughter to draw what she saw in the cartoon, or to make an application from the magazines she had in enough. Naturally, the creative process took place together with the mother (although any adult can help the child).

The album sheet was folded in half, it turned out to be the A5 format, that is, an invitation card, which the child did outside, and inside an adult wrote contact information for guests: who was invited, where, when and from whom the invitation came.

So with the help of the birthday girl, we made the original invitation in the style of "Luntik".

Apartment decoration

Naturally, on the day of birth, the room where the celebration will take place should be decorated. Since Luntik and his friends are most often not in the house (tree) of the woman Kapa and grandfather Sher, but in a clearing, it was decided to decorate the room as a floral clearing, for this I drew a drawing paper (you can print it on the printer and then paint it) grass, flowers, strawberries and a pond. All this was attached to the curtains and furniture (I do not advise to mount on the walls, otherwise they can be damaged after removing the scenery).

We also arranged bouquets of flowers from balloons. And of course, everywhere were the soft toys of the characters of the beloved cartoon. I also made the sun from balloons.

The table was covered with a tablecloth (preferably if disposable) with cartoon characters.

They put cups, plates and napkins on the table with the image of Luntik and his friends. In a one-time form now it is easy to find. The candle on the cake was also with Luntik.

In addition to the usual treats, there were cakes and pies on the table - after all, Luntik and his friends adore the baking of Baba Capa.


Included as a background is the cartoon itself, the music from it and just the favorite songs of the children.


1. Luntik and his friends love to play ball. But since our event was held indoors, we used an inflatable ball. Hot Potato Game. The guys stood in a circle and threw the ball to each other, trying not only not to hold it in their hands, but also to throw the neighbor so that the ball did not fall to the floor. Who has broken - leaves, wins the one who remained in the circle last. He was awarded a small souvenir prize - for example, soap bubbles, a calendar, a notebook, etc., with cartoon characters. At first, both adults and children played (so that the children joined the game), and then the guys began to play themselves.

2. Alternating active and quiet games, we sat the guys at the table and gave them coloring with the characters of their favorite cartoon. Someone painted with colors, someone with pencils, someone with felt-tip pens - who likes what more.

3. Another of the favorite fun of Luntik and his friends - hide and seek. In the cartoon, Luntik did not immediately understand how to play this game correctly, but when friends explain the rules to him, everything becomes clear and interesting. We hid stuffed toys characters. Someone one of the guys hid all the characters we have in stock (we had 14 of them), and the rest were looking for them. So hid the toys each of the children. And who found how many, I wrote down on a piece of paper, according to the results the best searcher was determined and he was awarded a prize.

4. I really liked the children to sculpt the characters of the cartoon "Luntik and his friends." We used not plasticine, but mass for modeling. It is very soft, but after a day it dries out and becomes durable - so that these figures can be played without breaking. Children took these figures with them. Naturally, the modeling took place with the participation of adults, because if Kuzya, for example, is green with yellow, and Mila is red with black, and everything is clear, then Luntik is purple, and we did not have that color. Here the adults explained that in order to get a purple color, it is necessary to mix red with blue. By the way, the mass for modeling in this case came up perfectly. It mixes well, the colors are saturated, it does not stick to the hands.

5. In the cartoon, Luntik and his friends conducted races when one team member was driving the car and another was pushing it. In our case, we organized such competitions. They took the cars that are small and easy to drive, but with the body. They put there cartoon characters. I cut them in advance from the magazine about Luntik. Each chose one hero. They put them on the start line (the start and finish lines were marked with ribbons) and offered the children to blow on the cars. By the way, this is a very difficult task, but the children tried very hard and everything worked out perfectly for them. Naturally, the one who was the first to beat his typewriter and hero to the finish line won. The winner received a small bag of candy, because Luntik and his friends are very fond of candy.

6. At the end of the holiday, we offered the children to assemble mini-puzzles depicting cartoon characters. Competitions were for speed, but since this was the end of the holiday, in the end, of course, friendship won and each child took his puzzle with him.

Children really enjoyed our holiday!


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