How much does it cost to build a house?

Of course, building a house is more profitable than buying an already finished home ownership, especially if you decided to build it yourself. Building a house with your own hands will cost at least twice as cheap, but for this it is desirable to have basic construction skills or have a building forum.

But move away from the lyrical digression. After all, all of the above should be clear to everyone. The reader of this article is more concerned now with the question, how much does it cost to build a house? How much is a house of brick, wood, foam concrete? Do not rush, we conducted an analysis on this issue and are ready to tell you everything in detail.

Prices for building a house

The total cost of building a good average home is between $ 70,000 and $ 85,000. Of course, this price does not include windows and doors - this is only the “box” (“skeleton”) of the house. You will say: what then comes in and why it is so expensive? Do not worry, this is the foundation of the house: the foundation, building materials, walls, roofing ... It draws such a large amount - the main amount for the construction of your own house. But more on that in the next subsection.

The cost of building a house can also be calculated, knowing its project, at least the number of square meters. Price for 1 square. m is today about $ 500.

We now give an approximate total prices for the construction of houses using different building materials.

How much does it cost to build a house from a bar?

Usually, houses from timber or simply wooden houses are built as a summer house. Their total cost ranges from $ 55,000. If the construction used frame-shield wooden materials, then the cost of 1 square. m will be $ 300. The price for a real solid wood (round timber) can jump to $ 700 per 1 sq.m.

The advantages of a frame-panel wooden house are the speed of construction, thermal insulation and moisture resistance. The disadvantages include the danger of fire and the penetration of the omnipresent rodents.

How much does it cost to build a foam block house

Foam block is a direct competitor to bricks. There are such building materials: foam concrete and aerated concrete. The cost of building a house of foam today ranges from $ 65,000.

Advantages: easy to assemble and is a good heat and sound insulator. The parameters are even better than a brick. But there are a number of drawbacks. Foam block without exterior finish looks unpresentable - it will be necessary to refine siding. Because of its porosity, aerated concrete is able to easily absorb water, which can freeze it from the inside when it freezes. So before the onset of cold weather it is necessary to plaster and paint.

How much does it cost to build a brick house?

For the construction of houses for everyday housing prefer to use bricks. The cost of building a brick house is estimated at about $ 80,000.

The advantages of such a house are obvious: structural strength and fire resistance. The disadvantages can be attributed only to cooling in winter, it is necessary to heat for several hours.

How much does a house build

We already know the total cost of building a house, now let's consider what it is made of. Let's write out the main works and the estimated price for them.

House project. The price of the finished project will be about $ 5-10 per square meter of the total area of ​​the future home. Thus, the project of a house of 150 squares will cost from $ 800 to $ 1,500. If you order the project to the architect, then its cost will be from 10 to 50 $ per square. If you buy a project of an already built house, it should cost no more than $ 400.

Geodetic works. The cost of such work will be about $ 1000 for the site from 6 to 10 acres.

Cost of materials. Having a project at home, you can approximately calculate the cost of materials. The error rate of calculations should not exceed 11%, taking into account seasonal fluctuations in prices. And prices tend to rise to the beginning of the construction season with the first spring warming, and fall already in the middle of autumn.

Foundation. You can pour the foundation yourself or invite your relatives or friends to help. With a house size of 10 × 8 m, the cost may be about $ 1500, which is 30% cheaper than buying and laying ready-made foundation blocks. Well, if you resort to the help of contractors, then the cost of pouring the foundation of the house will cost $ 2500.

Masonry walls. Aerated concrete is considered one of the most economical materials for building a house. The cost of laying the wall of the house of aerated concrete blocks will be about $ 8 per square meter.

Brick. The price of a brick depends on its type, quality and manufacturer. The cost of the cheapest row brick will cost $ 150 per thousand pieces. At the same time laying at least twice the material cost. A solid brick is considered to be hollow brick - it stores heat more easily and easily, and therefore costs about $ 300 per thousand. For the walls of the house 10 × 8 m can go 25 000 pcs. row brick depending on the type of masonry.

Roofing. The cost of roofing work is usually $ 20 per square meter of the future roofing. Of course, this does not include the costs of the materials themselves.

On this analysis, the question of how much it costs to build a house is complete. We hope that you have learned something useful for yourself from this article.

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