How to teach a child to kindergarten?

Council first. To prepare a child for kindergarten is necessary not suddenly, but practically from birth. Do not be surprised. If you never part, even in the toilet, forgive, wear your jewel, it is not surprising that it will sing when you leave it for half a day with someone else's aunt. Gradually, minute by minute, teach the child play by yourself. Of course, do not forget about safety: remove any dangerous items hanging from tablecloths and the like.

Further tips will go for those who are leading a child to kindergarten aged about two years and older.

Council of the second. find out daily regime in kindergarten and try to stick with it at least a little, mainly regarding eating and sleeping.

Council of the third. Teach to the pot and the ability to use toilet paper. Do not be afraid, but just let him practice at home, believe me, then he will proudly demonstrate his skills in kindergarten, which will earn praise.

Council of the fourth. Do not over-praise kindergarten. They say there are a lot of toys, good children and aunts just can’t wait. However, don't be afraid that you will go to kindergarten, they will quickly raise you there. Simply tell methat there is a house where mothers take their children to play while they work. It is best to pick up a work of art where the hero goes to kindergarten.

Council of the fifth. Get to know advance with a group and educators. Tell them a little about your baby, just don’t teach them to raise him, they say, that he doesn’t like it, but he cannot. Believe me, they love it there, and they can, after that you send it there.

Sixth Council. Clothing. Footwear. The clasps are comfortable, the strings are reliable, all in size and seasonally. The child has to run, climb and ride, and it is not very convenient to do it in smart shoes on slippery soles or in narrow fashionable pants with a tight clasp.

Council of the seventh. Teach eat by yourself. Yes, babies need to be fed, but this is somehow not very pleasant for them: everyone eats around, and you, as a little, are fed with a spoon. It is better to eat and proudly say "thank you", so self-esteem is developed.

Council of the eighth. Try find a contact with the teacher. Solve all your questions calmly and tactfully.

Council of the ninth. Try to get the necessary for the child accessoriesand let him know about it.

Council of the tenth. Speak with your child, talk a lot and about everything: what you ate, who you played with, who you fought with, etc.

At the end of a tip without a number, it's just the most important one. Love your child, so that he never had a thought that he was given away, that they forgot about him, that he would not be taken away.

Watch the video: How to teach Kids. from a Prague kindergarten, part 1. English for Children (March 2020).


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