How are meals served to the festive table? Rules of etiquette

Cold appetizers are usually already on the table - baskets of eggs with salad, meat and liver pates, vinaigrette, meat and fish platter, aspic and jellied meat, salads. All these dishes are popular, and most people love it. (Hostesses should not put all the cold snacks at once, if there are many; after all, there will be the first and second courses, as well as desserts. If something ends, you can add.)
If you need to use a fork and knife, the fork is held in the left hand, the knife in the right. If eaten with one fork, then it should be held in your right hand. If you are left handed, choose as you like.

After cold appetizers, the soup is served, which is poured into deep plates or bouillon cups. Saucers are placed under the cups, dessert spoons are placed on them.
Everyone knows since kindergarten that you need to hold a spoon, putting your thumb on top. And the soup is taken from the plate with a spoon towards itself, and not from itself. When the soup is eaten, put a spoon on a plate. Meatballs and flour products from the soup are divided into parts with a spoon.

Then fish dishes follow, followed by hot meat dishes with a side dish.
Fish relies cut or special knives, or two forks.
The bird is eaten with a fork and knife.
The meat from the common piece should be cut off in small pieces, starting at the edge that is closer to you.
Dumplings and side dishes with a knife do not cut, use a fork.
Hard potatoes can be cut with a knife, but it is desirable to manage with a fork.
Some foods - noodles or scrambled eggs - are eaten with one fork, holding it in your right hand, it is allowed to help yourself with a piece of bread.
Sliced ​​bread and buns into slices are not cut, but broken into pieces.

At banquets after the meat serves a sweet dish: cakes, pastries, sweet pastries. Then comes ice cream, candy, fruit and black coffee.

The hostess monitors the supply of hot drinks - tea, coffee. The owner serves cold drinks - wine, spirits, champagne.

Puddings, ice cream, creams are eaten with a small spoon.

For fruit, dessert knives are served.
Plums and apricots are taken in hand, incised and pressed so that the fruit opens slightly and the bone falls out.
Apples and pears are cut into quarters.
Grapes are served in clusters, cherries - with stalks.
Watermelons and melons are served already sliced, you need to eat them with a teaspoon.
Oranges before serving are usually notched so that guests do not have to cut them themselves.

I think not too tired you. But, as Suvorov said, it is difficult to learn - it is easy in battle. There are many rules of etiquette, in one article do not contain everything. I hope that no holiday will be a duty for you. A high-society receptions will not be a terrible dream: the fork will definitely be in your left hand, and the knife in your right hand.

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