How to make a New Year's mask for a children's carnival?

The simplest mask is easy to build. from cardboard. On it, you first need to cut holes for the eyes, nose, mouth, and then proceed to the "creation of the image." Eyebrows drawn by your hand, lips of different shapes will give the mask, respectively, a different expression. Draw the corners of your lips down - and your face will be sad or offended. Raise your eyebrows high - and give the mask an expression of surprise, amazement. And you can make a wide smile so that throughout the whole New Year's carnival you can create a cheerful mood for those around you!

Glue the gum or ribbons around the edges - and put on a mask. You can use a strip of paper instead of a rubber band. Only need to clearly measure its length.

Look good as a carnival half mask. They cover half of the face and look like glasses. They are well decorated with sparkles and tinsel. You can make a mask of the classical form, but from an unusual paper. And you can give it a non-standard form, depicting intricate patterns, bouquets of flowers, etc.

Pretty comfortable masks come from paper gift. packages or cardboard boxes. Just need to find a box that is loosely worn on the head. Not "hanging out" at the same time. Picking up a suitable box, you should try it on and make holes that allow you to look and breathe. After that, you can begin to make out the "face" of the mask. By the way, on such a mask, even not too carefully drawn parts, cut out of paper and pasted, will look great!

You can portray geeks, clowns, animals or robots. "Hair" for such a mask can be made from paper, cut into strips and wound at the ends with scissors. You can use a rope, chopped loofah or foam rubber.

What the mask will look like depends largely on the nose. It can be drawn, glued on paper (glued together to form or glue flat), can be molded from plasticine, made from a carton of egg cartons.

Eyebrows are obtained from a thick rope, bast, foam rubber, plasticine, multi-colored fur "fluffs". For the eyes fit tiny plastic boxes of cheese or cream, boxes of matches, sequins. You can sew ball-like eyes out of fabric, gluing pupils, and glue to the mask. Teeth work well out of foam.

And you can not make a mask, but just before the carnival, to create it right on the face! Take the baby kit to create makeup. Or special paint for drawing on the skin. They are designed for children's skin and therefore are absolutely harmless. It is necessary to prepare the child for such a procedure, because, firstly, it requires patience, and secondly, the result can, to say the least, surprise the child.

Experimenting and creating a preliminary sketch, you can create any image using makeup. Of course, depending on which suit your baby prefers ...


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