How to give a new life to a damaged doll?

If the easiest option - to throw out and buy a new toy - does not suit you, you can use the tips that have been tried by more than one person.

With some dolls ballpoint pen marks come down if you rub them with a raw, burnt match. It is better to break off its head: it scratches rubber. In the summer it is good to leave the toy lie in the sun. It is better to cover hair with something so that it does not burn out. It is a pity, to have sunbathing will have about two weeks, if not more.

Many times I was rescued by a miracle composition: half of “Whiteness” to half of table vinegar. A few hours of bathing in such a bath - and most likely the pristine purity will return to your doll. It is necessary to work with this compound carefully, it can not only eat up the skin, but also makes the rubber paler. After a day, a different color in most cases is restored.

And for stubbornly stained spots, the Baziron acne treatment will help (spread and hold in the sunlight). True, it costs more than many game dolls. The residents of Ukraine are more fortunate: in their pharmacies you can find a cheap counterpart, Ugresol.

WITH cut head will have to tinker a little longer. The easiest option is to knit or sew a hat. If this cap is sewn in a circle in several rows of threads, bobbins in several additions or floss, you get a wig. On such a product for a standard head of Barbie dolls takes about 6−8 skeins of floss. Wool (acrylic) knitting yarn for the wig is also suitable, but will look like dreadlocks or afrokosichki.

If you have free time and unnecessary wig, chignon, elastic or Kanekalon for African braids, you can sew the doll new hair. To do this, you need to carefully remove the head, remove the remnants of the old head of hair and thread the new strands into the holes that have been released. On the Internet there are a lot of master classes on firmware puppet heads. Before you get down to business, it would be good to get acquainted with a couple of them. By the way, you can also make firmware with threads.

With the smell of tobacco, mold, perfume fight, too, can and should be. Many keep dolls in odor absorbers such as silica gel bags and cat litter pellets. Helps from stench soaking in toilet cleaner. Month on the winter balcony or in the freezer is able to help. But! If the doll carries something caustic, chemical, it is better to throw it away. Health is more expensive.

Finally, instead broken limbs You can make new polymer clay (it is also called plastic) on a wire frame. Of course, this product will not be as durable, and often not as beautiful as the “native” hand or leg. But the doll will cease to be disabled. And if there are two or more similar broken dolls, it may be possible to assemble one of them.

Most of these tips, I tried on the pupae, which brought me to heal. I was also pleased with the children, who received their loved ones back whole and beautiful.

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