How to prepare for meeting guests?

Mood is spoiled - a holiday is not a holiday. What to do in this case, maybe send the guests home and get drunk with grief yourself? Calm down, we will learn the rules of reception.

How successful a holiday will be depends on many factors, for example, on how spacious your room is. It is not recommended to convene a lot of guests if you have a small apartment. It will be difficult for guests to get out of the cluttered tables. And if you want to invite everyone you love and know? What to do in this case? The best option in this situation - a festive dinner in a restaurant. But it is not always possible, finances tend to end at the wrong moment.

You can arrange a buffet - setting the tables without using chairs. However, this option is only suitable for a young audience of guests, as it will be more difficult for older people to be on their feet all evening. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to solve the issue of the number of guests. In cramped and offended - not for the holiday table. The spotlight is always a snack-laden table. The more solemn the celebration - the more careful the serving should be.

Tables laid, guests accepted. Sit. Looking forward to the holiday?

The luck of the celebration depends not only on the tasty treat, but also on the prevailing atmosphere. Pleasant witty conversation, easy fun and joyful excitement are indispensable companions of a successful party. It is worthwhile to think in advance about possible topics for conversation in order to get around or smooth out awkward questions. Think over games for entertainment (I hope you do not consider games as entertainment only for children?). There are scenarios for the holidays that are used in the work of the toastmaster. But I think that many of them can make up a similar scenario, especially the Internet - this is help in any matter.

Much depends on the guests, but the main role is played by the hosts, who must catch the slightest nuances of tension among those invited. In order to prevent such tensions from happening, guests should be seated according to the characteristics of their character and temperament. If there are debaters among the guests, and this often happens - plant them separately. Guests who tend to listen more than talk, it is desirable to plant with those who know how to lead an interesting conversation.

Reception of guests is really an art. The slightest mistake - and the holiday can be ruined. The hosts are the main actors on this stage, they have the lead role. Your mood, to some extent your courage and to a large extent - a sense of tact, will make the holiday unforgettable.

I wish you all a happy holiday!

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