Can I give sushi to children?

And what about when the child is only allowed to look with hungry eyes, as the parents eat some yummy unknown to him? Or do not you need to create such a problem for yourself and your children from this Japanese dish? "Raw fish? Nothing, let the young body harden! ”

Let's decompose the information about sushi on the shelves. And let everyone decide for themselves: sushi is good or bad for his child?

This was the abracadabra from “For” and “Against” ...

1. Harmful and healthy foods in sushi

Sushi contains vitamins, minerals and proteins in an easily digestible form.


Many sushi ingredients are not beneficial and even dangerous to the health of children.

Raw fish can cause:

- stomach upset;
- poisoning;
- helminthiasis (infection with worms).

Seafood contains a lot of mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

Ginger and wasabi, soy sauce, squid, smoked fish, crab sticks are not the most healthy foods for a child. And shrimp can cause allergies.

But there are delicious varieties of sushi from safe and healthy products for a child:

- hot sushi;
- Sushi with salted fish;
- sushi with vegetables;
- sweet sushi.

2. Good and poorly cooked sushi

Even the most innocuous dish we have can be cooked without hygiene and compliance and become deadly.


It is always possible to order sushi in a well-established place.

Moreover, good catering, offering along with adults and children's menu is becoming more and more. And sushi for children in such institutions has long been the norm.

In addition, you can easily make sushi for a child at home.

Fortunately, on the Internet and bookstores have already begun to appear recipes such yummy. And having understood the principle of sushi, you can begin to improvise, each time surprising and delighting your child.

After all, the child is not so important how accurately we complied with the recipe for traditional Japanese sushi. The main thing is to be tasty and similar to what others eat. Most likely, the children will even more like sushi prepared especially for them.

3. Whims and joy of the child about sushi

Recall ourselves small, when we, something accessible to everyone else, were forbidden by adults. Well, if it was a shame?

And we need conflicts with the child from scratch? Spoiled mood, etc.

Let it be better sushi will be another bridge between us and the children.

Let the child tell his friends what a wonderful mother he is - prepare him such delicious and healthy sushi.

And generally speaking…

Sushi for kids is so much good.

... if you search!

Here are some advantages to adding this Japanese dish to the child’s diet.

If the child does not eat rice porridge, then he can love rice in sushi.

Funny sushi can be cooked with your child. For children, this is communication, and development, and familiarizing with household chores, etc. What else is needed for our parental happiness?

When feeding a sushi child, you can gently acquaint him with Japanese culture. Particularly creative parents will not miss the opportunity to arrange some theatrical “Samurai Dinner” inviting guests.

In general, if you understand the problem "Sushi and children"She herself will decide. Not “For” and not “Against” sushi in general in the children's diet, but only “For” safe, tasty and healthy sushi for our children!

Watch the video: Kids Try Sushi. Kids Try. HiHo Kids (March 2020).


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