How to prepare for the New Year without fuss? Have time for a week

And now - the table is crammed with all sorts of delicacies, the guests are gathered and waiting for entertainment, colorful salute sparkles in the street, joyful children rustle ... And in the meantime, we are just falling down. Finishing up a glass of champagne, we dream of falling into our soft bed and plunging into an irresistible sleep. But did we really want to spend this festive night?

To prevent this from happening, the preparation for the holiday should not begin in the morning of December 31, but a week before ...

25.12. Having gathered in a close family circle and armed with all the shiny New Year's “swell” (tinsel, foil, glitter), you can make a lot of jewelry that will create comfort in your home. All you need is fantasy, perseverance and good mood - you can't do without it! Now your house sparkles with garlands, rain and snowflakes. But the nicer thing is that all this is done with love, with your own hands. This is the first step towards a charming winter tale.

26.12. Well, what a New Year without a tree? It is this beauty so lacking in the middle of the room! The smell of fresh pine needles, the ringing of Christmas tree toys and bells will bring the holiday even closer, and the eyes of children, glowing with happiness, will once again remind you of New Year's miracles.

27.12. Perhaps the most important, but at the same time quite a pleasant day. Today we choose gifts for loved ones! Stroll through the snowy city, look in a couple of shops that have long been overwhelmed with a bunch of interesting, funny and useful things. Remember the wishes and hobbies of relatives and choose what they have been dreaming about for so long.

28.12. And today is to take care of the fun at the holiday table. Come up with different contests in which everyone can take part, receiving small incentives. On the desktop of your computer, create a folder "New Year" and fill it with the most fun and perky music. Let it not just sound like a cheerful background of table talk, but also become a pretext to start a merry dance until the very morning.

29.12. Delight the little ones. Book a visit to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. They will not let the kids feel sad, entertain them with songs and rhymes. Yes, and you can again feel like a child. Together with everyone, you dance, compose New Year's stories and tell Santa Claus that you would like to receive as a gift.

30.12. It is time to show your culinary skills! Prepare your crown dishes for family and guests, decorate them in the New Year's style and expect praise from your loved ones. Nobody will remain indifferent to your masterpieces!

31.12. Since the morning, accept congratulations "Happy New Year!". Write your own wishes, send New Year cards, do it yourself and expect surprises from your loved ones! Do not forget to try on the most beautiful evening dress, pick up makeup and hair. And even better - go to the salon and get a few hours of enjoying your beauty.

Late in the evening, light candles, aroma lamps, open champagne, turn on pre-selected music and just enjoy the New Year's Eve.

But! The main thing - do not forget to make the most cherished wish for the chiming clock, because it will come true!

Holiday greetings!

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