Why read the child the same tale?

At one time, when I was still reading my eldest daughter, I always tried to dissuade her from this undertaking and insistently offered to read a new book, because we have a lot of them and everything interesting. I thought it was much more useful to learn new information, read as much as possible so that the child grew and developed, as they say, not by the day, but by the hour.

What was my surprise when once in the kindergarten, on a stand with information for parents, I read an article that it was useful for children to read their favorite fairy tales several times. It turns out that I did everything wrong, but it was not too late to mend, which I did.

Therefore, if you want to read fairy tales to your child to bring maximum results and contribute to his intellectual and emotional development more effectively, read on and find out that ...

If your baby asks to read the same book over and over again, this is very good. This suggests that this particular book has found a response somewhere in the soul of the crumbs and is fully consistent with its current emotional state, so to speak, entered into resonance with the baby. This also indicates that the book is fully understood and accepted by the child, that there are no obscure or misunderstood points, frightening or repulsive elements.

Surely, you have your favorite books or movies that you have read or watched a hundred times and are ready to repeat it again. So why do not we want to recognize for their baby the rights to the same thing?

The fact that the baby knows in advance how the story will end forms in his mind confidence in the future and in his positive result, i.e. he will be confident that, in spite of any difficulties, everything will be fine. Who can argue with the fact that being an optimist is more fun and more productive than a pessimist? Thus, playing the same scenario several times, the baby firmly learns the idea that there are no hopeless situations and that even if you have eaten, you still have two choices ...

When you read a fairy tale to a child - he is in the world of his fantasies, empathizes with the hero, loses emotionally all his adventures, that is, experiences a lot of emotions, each time these emotions become more perfect. Do not forget that the baby’s nervous system has not yet been fully formed and it needs much more time to “arrange” and accept its feelings and emotions. So, brick by brick, folding his feelings for the heroes of his beloved fairy tale, the kid will receive in his “life piggy bank” several formed emotions.

Use re-reading to develop baby speech. Firstly, the constant repetition of the same words perfectly fills the baby’s vocabulary, and secondly, by reading the book every time in different ways, you contribute to the development of a higher-quality child’s speech as such.

What does "differently" mean? After you have read the book with an expression a couple of times and made sure that the meaning is fully understood by the child, read the same story a little faster, then even faster, and so on, going to the pace of the patter - so you will teach the baby to perceive the information by ear and in different variations. Another way to work with a book is to periodically stop and ask your child about what will happen next. This is not only a great way to practice practical conversational skills, but also memory training.

Use re-reading to develop the imagination and creative thinking of the baby. Having read to a certain point, ask the child to come up with a sequel. Compose your fairy tale with him. Moreover, this method can be successfully applied several times: first let the crumb come up with the other end, then stop reading a little earlier and come up with a little more, etc. Perhaps the kid will like this game and he will write his fairy tale after the words “Once upon a time” ... "

And of course, the way you work with a book that you already know is a discussion of pictures. Let the kid tell you what or who is drawn, what he does, to which episode of the tale this illustration applies. Pictures can also be used to compose your fairy tale.

Unfortunately, this is all that I remember from that article ... But even this is quite enough for the boring reading of Kolobok to turn into a fascinating and useful activity for the hundredth time today.

I wish you a pleasant reading and creative success to your baby!

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