What year does crawling prepare for us? About snakes, traditions and delusions

After all, this is how most people perceive snakes. But is this true? Fortunately, among my friends there are those who are fond of reptiles, but with their help I will try to predict the character of 2013.

So let's start with the basic qualities that are attributed to the asps. Immediately, the biblical image of the serpent tempter arises in memory, which was so unscrupulous and evil that it took a whim from its own whim and seduced naive Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, sending the wrath of God on her and then expelling to places so remote that from Eden is not visible.

But let's look at it from the other side: let's imagine the serpent an enlightener. Yes Yes exactly! After all, the reptile did not want people to live aki plants all their lives, not knowing anything, not knowing how, not doing anything. Yes, it was a temptation, but for the good, not harm.

Of course, it is not good to disobey elders, as Eve did, but on the other hand, obedient people do not bring anything new to the world, they are not capable of it by virtue of following traditions. Fresh ideas only from insurgents are obtained. And obviously, the asp took all this into account. He became the first educator in the world, even if indirectly, by giving the first people the opportunity to touch the source of knowledge.

Thus, it turns out that although the snake was as stern as a surgeon during an operation, it was thanks to him that people got new opportunities: the joy of gaining knowledge, the pleasure of a job well done, the pride of overcoming their weakness. And this means that next year should bring us many important intellectual discoveries that will certainly enrich our lives.

The second quality, which rumor ascribes to snakes, is their coldness, ugliness and, so to say, spiritual callousness. But read what one of the owners of snakes, which he has more than a dozen, tells about on the forum “Reptile” about his favorites:

“The character is frantic, flighty, but his teeth do not let go,” he says about one. “A timid and touching creation. He called Inga, - he writes about another. - In February, a constrictor (a boa species) was acquired, received the ancient name Orpheus. Good such a boy. In March, could not resist, bought Solomeya. Ah, the young lady is good, but with a temper. In the hands of sitting will not. Well, oh-very independent. Pretty tormented, making photos on his hands. Although you can forgive, for such beauty. Well, just recently a little girl came from Minsk. Baby and stupid. I take it in my hands and understand that I’m holding the very TENDER. ”

And it's all about snakes! Yes, yes, about the ones whom they fear and to which many people are disgusted, if not to say that the majority. But it turns out that if you take a fresh look at old opponents, try to understand, see their beauty and study character, it turns out that for many years we were just in error. And in fact, snakes are cute, gentle, characteristic, very graceful creatures, capable of gratefully treating someone who respects them.

“And what does this give us for understanding the character of the year?” A skeptic may exclaim. Meanwhile, this information gives a lot. This means that the next twelve months will be supportive of those people who sincerely try to understand the world around them, to understand the situations, to keep an open mind about anything else. Man will learn to penetrate deep into things without relying on the outer shell. And this is an extremely important skill in our age of information oversaturation, when there is no time to analyze this or that phenomenon for a long time.

And, finally, snakes do not like because of their poisonousness, thereby attributing a passion for murder. However, I’ll make a reservation right away - such a passion for murder, which is shown by people, probably, no longer shows any of the animals. As a rule, if they cause death, then of necessity - by defending themselves from the aggressor or wanting to have lunch.

As for the snakes, they themselves do not attack. On the contrary, these modest creatures try to be as inconspicuous as possible and can only bite if they are stepped on a tail. But tell me, and who will get rid of such an indecent trick? Also very painful ...

But it is this deadly poison that annually helps hundreds of thousands of people. How many drugs made on the basis of snake venom! So for the good of life, asps work much more actively than they succeed in murder.

And this gives us hope for a peaceful next year, that there will be few conflicts, and they will happen by a misunderstanding, and not because of malicious intent. At least, I really want to believe this. But after all, we are the creators of the world around us, and the way we look at it, so does it apply to us. So, in our power to make the year of the Black Water Snake truly a reptile ... that is, a year of peaceful and good days!

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