How to make friends with the gift budget?

I always strive for maximum functionality and try to think through all the details. Yes, and the constant lack of time pushes for various improvements and inventions, so I could not ignore this issue.

Do you always make a list of those for whom you will prepare gifts? I am yes. But I do it not on paper, but on a special tablet, which I have been filling for the past year.

What is the great meaning? And the fact that having such a sign, I can always:

do not forget to make happy with a gift;

see what I gave to a particular person earlier (and a year ago, and 3 years ago), so as not to give the same thing twice;

plan your “gift budget”, especially before mass holidays like the New Year and March 8;

clearly see how much I spent on gifts for each holiday;

see where I bought a present for Petit the year before last and buy there the same one for Vasya, who then liked Petin very much ...

Well, as a regular list, such a label is very convenient to use. However, the list can be lost, and the label - no. And if you put a sign on the Internet (for example, in Google documents), then it will be easily accessible from a mobile phone, from a tablet, and from any other device.

With the help of autofilter, you can filter the data you need (for example, display only data about gifts for the New Year 2012−2013, or about gifts only for Vasi Pupkin for all years, or about gifts bought only in the Children's world, etc.) All this it is done very simply, and the process of interaction with gifts facilitates considerably.

This label is very easy and drawing up "Gift budget".

The gift budget is the money you are willing to spend on the purchase of gifts. There is a true national sign: ignoring the importance of the existence of a gift budget - to the debts. Therefore, it is better to make friends with the gift budget and maintain good relations.

It is clear that everyone has different incomes, beliefs about how much of the budget to spend on gifts is also different, so there are no universal rules and there can not be. I just share my experience.

I always start preparing New Year's gifts in November - while everything is still in stores. True, the November budget does not withstand the purchase of all gifts at once, so part of the planned purchases goes to December.

For a start, I highlight the total amount that is ready to spend on gifts. Then I open the gift tag and start planning gifts for everyone. How much are you willing to spend on a gift for each person on your list? It is important to determine the exact amount. A clear understanding of the boundaries makes it very easy to search for gifts!

When the approximate cost of the gift is shown next to each name in the plate, calculate the total amount - it will immediately become clear whether the planned gift budget is sufficient or still need to make adjustments in the direction of its increase. I usually try very hard to fit into the intended framework. However, it happens that you want to give a person a certain thing, but it costs more than the planned amount. And I want to do it so much that it is easier to increase the gift budget than to give up the desire to please a person. And here everyone decides for himself.

Again, the amounts on the table do not oblige you to anything. I liked you a teddy hare that cost much less than the figure you indicated in the tablet for a gift to your friend Kristina - well, great! Especially if you see the happy face of a friend who has received just this wonderful-cute bunny. The main thing in our business is the magic mood. Money is only a means to achieve this. So we focus on our intuition and the information collected over the year about the desires / preferences / dreams of those on your gift list. And drawing up the gift budget just helps us not to be left without money by the end of the holidays.

For the same purpose - to reduce the financial burden on your wallet during the difficult pre-New Year months - I try to buy gifts not only in November and December, but throughout the whole year. I keep such pre-purchased gifts in a special place. "Gift box". Before the New Year, I open my “magic chest” (well, or “gift box”), and some of the gifts lying there find their future owners.

This practice of buying gifts ahead of time allows you to "spread" part of the expenses for the entire calendar year, and not to concentrate all material goods in November and December. In addition, if I was unexpectedly invited to visit (especially to the house where there are children) - usually I always have something to take from the “gift box” so as not to go to visit empty-handed.

But in order to be able to buy gifts “for later” painlessly for the family budget during the year, it makes sense to set aside a stable amount of money for these purposes every month. Then this article of the budget will always be “on money”, and you can buy gifts in the sales season (why not - money for gifts is at any time!). But how much to postpone every month - the same gift tag can help in this matter! After a year of reference, it is already possible to calculate the amount spent on all-all-all gifts for the year and divide it into 12 months. With this approach, November and December will never be months for you, leading to an empty wallet and debts.

However, the most important thing with all this is not to give a rational vision overshadow the lightness of being. Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy life - including spending money on gifts, regardless of the pre-written numbers.

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