Do you like taking a shower? We go to choose a shower cabin

The shower cabin can be installed in any convenient place of the bathroom, as long as there is enough space.

Well, the shower corner is just two light partitions, the edges of which are tightly pressed against the walls, lined with tiles. This design is set in the corner of the bathroom. So that the water drops do not splash the room, the joints of the shower cabin walls are sealed and sealed.

You can install a simplified design of a shower for a small bath. Of course, if it has a suitable niche. This is the so-called economical option - a shower panel, which is one special door, a shower tray and a shower mixer.

As for the shower faucets, they are usually included in the standard equipment of any cabin. Expensive models can have two shower heads: one mounted on top (this is a cascade shower), the other is a regular hand shower. Here it is convenient to use thermostatic mixers that equalize the spikes in the water pressure in the pipes and its temperature when the hot water tap in the kitchen is turned on.

How to choose an inexpensive and high-quality shower? Let's consider the elements of its design.

The walls of the cheapest shower cabins are made of glass or plastic, expensive ones - of tempered glass up to 8 mm thick. Inexpensive acrylic walls become turbid after two years of operation. Glasses of walls of shower cabins can be opaque, transparent, tinted, color and even decorated drawing.

When choosing a shower cabin, keep in mind that on tinted glass fingerprints are very noticeable, and the more recesses and protruding parts inside it, the harder it is to clean and wash the cabin. Glass walls can be treated with anti-mud (also called anti-drip) coating. About six months, drops of water on these walls will not leave spots. Then this coating can be applied again.

Doors for shower corners and cabins make sliding, folding, folding and retractable. Everyone can choose the most comfortable for his bathroom. In the smallest, the best-fit doors or folding double doors that open inward. In servicing the shower stall, the most practical doors are hinged doors, since during the operation of the “house of cleanliness” from time to time it will have to be washed and cleaned.

By the way, when choosing a shower cabin, carefully inspect its frame. Unstable is unlikely to last a long time, so the frame is better to choose hard enough. It is also worth paying attention to the reliability of the sliding door sliding mechanisms. And, of course, all the metal parts of the shower must be reliably protected from corrosion.

It is also useful not to be lazy and sniff the shower. Unpleasant chemical smell should alert you.

Shower cabins and corners can be supplied complete with a pallet. The pallet can be made of different materials, but the most important thing is that it is sustainable (not walking under your feet). Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic trays are smart and inexpensive, but they are sensitive to various kinds of mechanical damage. It is impossible to wash them with detergents containing abrasives - acrylic will quickly become covered with cracks, will lose its luster and will eventually become dull yellow.

Shower trays made of artificial cast marble do not have these disadvantages, but they are more expensive.

Enameled cast iron and steel shower trays are eco-friendly and durable. However, barefoot to stand on them is not very nice - too cold. In addition, they are "noisy." To reduce this disadvantage, a layer of sound-proof material is placed in the bottom of the pallet.

An important feature of the shower tray is its depth. It varies from a few centimeters to 25 and more. In the deep pallet you can not only wash, but also splash.

Business class shower cabins are equipped with hydromassage systems. This is such a tall man-tall stand with nozzles spraying water with a certain frequency and intensity. There are additional equipment of this type for hydromassage of the lower back, neck and legs.

Those who love the Russian bath are offered showers equipped with steam generators. They serve steam heated to 50 ° to the indoor shower unit. Well, the most "cool" showers have touch screens, lights, steam nozzles for aromatherapy, a radio telephone and other interesting options.

The choice is big. For every taste and wealth.

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