Six shades of vulgarity. №6. What is the history of the hit about summer from “Arrhythmia”?

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Such a technique was very common in Soviet films - for example, to reveal the “petty-bourgeois” essence of the characters. It is enough to recall the wonderful tandem of the composer Alexander Zatsepin and the poet Leonid Derbenev, who wrote hilarious stylisations for the comedies of Gaidai: “Where are the bison running among the pampas ...” (from “12 chairs”), “Help me” (from “Diamond Arm ") Or" Black horseshoes "(from the" It can not be! ").

It's funny that many of these songs quickly became musical hits. And among the listeners there were necessarily those who did not notice the authors' irony and took everything at face value. For example, the same “Black Horseshoes” out of the context of the film could have been taken for a real gypsy romance.

At night, suddenly out of hand,
Guitar fell out
The wind blew suddenly,
And love is gone,
Only darkness in the bushes,
Freezing lonely
As the soul is empty
Winter road…

Yes, the author's irony can be very veiled.

During student youth, we loved to make fun of all sorts of genres and cliches (from rock and rap to pop music and blatnyk), writing mocking cynical parodies. They sang "I will never forget you" on the motif of "Blue Bird" TIME MACHINE. That turned "I want to be with you" in the rap-style AMC Hummer. That drove the absurd thieves' song "Pigeons fly over our zone." That stalk poetic style of Choi:

I have a star on my chest
Because I am a hero of social labor.
And why am I a socialist labor hero?
Because I have a star ...
(on the motif of the “Star by the name of the Sun”)

Then I had the idea to record a pop album, where the irony would be completely invisible. Then wait for others to like the songs, and gloatfully announce that this is just an imitation, written once or twice in the toilet using the left foot.

I didn’t carry out my vile venture. Of the several opuses, only one song remained in the memory, composed as part of an experiment: I had to write the lyrics in 5 minutes, and my friend - the music. As a result, a kind of pop of the early 90s came out:

Unprepared Roses
I squeeze in my hands.
Unprepared Roses
Stabbed fingers in the blood.
Unprepared Roses -
Like a sign
It is about that ear-about-love any-all.

Who would have thought that after 17 years, I myself would buy for a similar “divorce” ...

It happened like this. My wife watched Boris Khlebnikov’s sensational film “Arrhythmia” on TV, and I (not a big fan of contemporary Russian cinema) sat in the corner, buried in a laptop. And then he heard, as the edge of his ear, the heroine of the film said that she would now include a “puberty song”. After that, nostalgic motifs of the late perestroika period flowed from the screens, and a pitiful voice sang:

Quiet puddles covers the ice, remember, we are with you
Kissing the night away to the sound of the surf.
This summer is not to return already, I know
But when sadness is in my soul, I remember ...

Yacht, sail, in this world only we are alone.
Yalta, August and we are in love with you ...

I pulled away from the laptop and exclaimed in surprise: “What is this? Why dont know? All my youth fell on perestroika and the beginning of the 1990s! ”Rushing into the Internet, I sighed with relief. The song turned out to be: a) not so old at all; and b) was a delicate author's banter. Nevertheless, the feeling of music lover shame still remains, because the hit “Our Summer” had a six-year history by the time “Arrhythmia” was released.

It began in 2008, when videos from a strange provincial boy named Valentin Strykalo began to appear on YouTube. The commercials were appeals to pop stars - Vyacheslav Malezhik, Dima Bilan - with a request to help the young talent and were accompanied by songs like “Ment Naughty” or “Mom, I'm Gay.”

The songs fairly amused the Internet audience, and the video quickly became “viral”. Of course, it was a skillful "trolling." Under the mask of Strykalo, the witty Kiev youth Yury Kaplan was hiding.

Yuri Kaplan:
“Popularity was a surprise to me. I wanted to become a famous musician, but I never would have thought that the image of Valentin Strykalo would glorify me. ”

On the wave of success, Kaplan begins to perform solo, and in 2010 he forms his group under the same popular brand. In 2012, the group VALENTIN STRYKALO recorded their first album “Humble and Relax”, which, in my opinion, is still the best in her work.

Kaplan's greatest strength was precisely satire. Sometimes it looked like a frank banter (“45 years old”, “Kayen”), and sometimes - as a parody of pop music (“Rustem”, “Gori”). Moreover, the parodies even sounded purely melodically better than many modern pop hits.

The song “Our summer” turned out to be the most “veiled” parody. They write that Kaplan composed it with his old group VODICHKA BUBBLES.

Yuri Kaplan:
“... at one of the parties we had fun with the guys and came up with such a song in 10 minutes. Then we just decided that this is one of those songs that can be heard on the radio and that can be rotated. Because there are no electric guitars, there are keys, there is no mate and rude words. ”

Then it seemed to Yuri that they wrote "Hellish treshak in the style of affection MAY"therefore, they decided to make a corresponding clip. Directed by the author himself. According to him, he wanted them to look like Soviet "Zadroty and botany, but it turned out more like maniacs from the 80s".

Yuri Kaplan:
“We bought a mustache, glasses. They came to the location - there is a Soviet apartment. Then we got all sorts of interior items - plates, posters, antediluvian polka dot service, a shovel phone, a player, - set up and began to shoot. There was no concept for the 80s, I just wanted to make a clip that would look ridiculous. But when he came out, it turned out that for many people the song is nostalgic.
And damn, that's not bad! Despite the fact that we invested in it initially, it turned out that it can be perceived in a different way. Even my attitude to this song has changed. In my eyes, this is no longer a treshak, but a stylization under the 80s, which turned out to be so against our will. ”

The video was filmed in 2011, but then passed by my attention (like all the work of VALENTINA SKRYKALO). Nevertheless, all the 2010s, the group successfully toured both in Ukraine and in Russia. And the number of covers on their songs can be envied even by famous performers.

Yuri Kaplan:
“For me, the ideal song of the VALENTIN STRYKALO group is an ironic track where not everyone can read this irony. Take, for example, the song "Our Summer". It is perceived by many people as a good lyrical composition. We performed on television, and one woman even shed a tear. Because she seemed really nice to her. To others, this song may seem like a ridiculous, funny, stёb. She is both funny, and at the same time touching and naive. I like that. In my opinion, this is the perfect cocktail. This is what I would like to do. It won't scare anyone. ”

With the release of "Arrhythmia" the song about Yalta and August experienced its rebirth. Especially when you consider that she sounded there twice - in the scene of the party and in the final.

Boris Khlebnikov:
“The song was written from the very beginning by Natasha Meshchaninova in the scene of the party. And when we shot this scene, I was driving home from the shift and suddenly I clearly understood that if I put it in the film a second time, for captions, it would solve two problems. First, he will bring down the pathos of the last frame with a traffic jam through which the ambulance goes. And secondly, it will end all cinema with the relations of the main characters, and not with medicine. Just because it is music from a party where they looked at each other like that. We put the song. The song has earned.

In conclusion, I would like to give references to other compositions by Yuri Kaplan. Although in recent years he has hit the lyrics, I like his funny songs much more.

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