"The Expendables 3". Not only old men go to battle?

Sylvester Stallone learned a lesson when many of today's viewers literally walked under the table. Four times he let go of his Rambo (and there, too, the fifth sortie squirmed), another six times went into the ring in the form of Rocky Balboa. With the last actor finally tied up, because the years take their own and 12 rounds, even with the installation, special effects and doublers already stand on their feet hard. Moreover, now the veteran is concerned with the development of another project - the old-school action movie “The Expendables”, a fame that became famous in 2010 for collecting under his wing many bright film heroes of the past and present. However, as there is no recipe for success, there is no trilogy without flaw.

... Barney Ross associates, despite the solid average age of the team, continue to plow on the government, completing deadly missions in the hottest spots of the planet. Regardless of wrinkles and progressive arthritis, they are hired around the world, because they pay well for it, they are not trained for anything else, and indeed no one is going to live here forever. And suddenly, on the next assignment, Barney confronted face to face with the long-standing and worst enemy of the “Expendables” - a gunner and just a radish, Mr. Stonebanks. By all accounts, the villain had to feed the worms for the last ten years, but he is not only alive and well, but he also manages to podgadit Ross by shooting Caesar in the ass.

In his frustrated feelings, Barney dismisses the collective cohesive for years and battles in order to carry out revenge alone. But at the last moment he realizes that suicide is not his style and is recruiting a new team of young and ambitious fighters. The “old men” are unhappy, the “youngsters” are shaking their rights, Barney is crumpling his nicks, and the damned Stonebanks, surrounded by a tight ring of guards, is preparing for the worst. Well, no wonder I was preparing ...

The third exit of the old men-robbers led by Stallone took place contrary to forecasts that with the departure from the project of snooping Bruce Willis, as well as the refusal of Jackie Chan, Stephen Seagall and Mickey Rourke, the triquel could remain completely on paper. “Die Hard”, which raised the bar too much, was replaced by Harrison Ford without any visible effort, and among the newly-named stars were suddenly Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson and a bunch of recruits whose names are worthless to remember. No doubt, the viewer missed Snipes, who, joking with jokes, but actually dropped out of the cinema studios for three years due to serving a prison term for not paying taxes. Ford worked smoothly, but without enthusiasm, as the temporary acting one relies on, although Willis in “The Expendables” looked more like a wedding general than a full-fledged character.

With the rest of the franchise's newcomers, the situation is worse: Gibson, of course, can play a lamppost, if necessary, but still we are used to seeing him as positive roles; Banderas clowning all the way and, apparently, got the installation to repeat the image of “Puss in Boots”, only live; Traditionally, young people in the frame are puffed up and trying to match, but they look dim and miserable against the background of the possible Shvartsevs, Statems and Lundgrens. That is why, when the old guard, despite the commander's reflection, returns, not only Barney Ross himself sighs with relief, but also the viewer.

Not that the first two films pleased with the screen frills, but there, at least, there was at least some plot core. The third part exists according to the principle “Hey, let's go, it will go by itself!”. Itself did not go. The four screenwriters "child" was left without an eye, existing in the same designated framework as the predecessors: the mission - the villain - the loss - revenge. The amusing skirmishes of Stallone and Statema are boring on the first minutes, as well as the modest humorous contribution of the wrinkled Terminator, who usually does not let the Cuban cigar out of his mouth.

The trikvel's fatal mistake was the age limit. The tape at the box office received a teenage rating of PG-13, deprived of the very zest - tough battle scenes, bleeding and other attributes of old school. The brutality was replaced by computer special effects, bloodless fights, firecrackers and firecrackers and other IT toys, with which the audience ate on numerous comic books for children and their parents. It's funny that having lowered the age bracket, the producers apparently hoped to attract more viewers to the cinemas, but it turned out to be absolutely the opposite.

Obviously, the very idea of ​​the “Expendables” has already exhausted its resources and now the franchise for development, and the fourth part has already been announced, it requires at least a clear goal. The infinite build-up of star faces in the frame is, of course, a movie series trick, but she still needs to use it wisely. For the time being, the third part seems to be a continuation of the optional and sometimes absurd, and the invited celestials of Hollywood are still able to pull any project themselves, rather than exchanging themselves for collective gatherings of elderly movie characters.

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