How was Stephen King filmed? Zero and vague future of the "Dark Tower"

The bulk of screen versions in the zero years was made for television, and King’s works, old or new, are less and less disturbed by big cinema. Nevertheless, a number of famous paintings during this period still removed. So, in 2001, Hearts in Atlantis came out with Anthony Hopkins. As a film adaptation, the film deserves all praise, but as an independent work, alas, the tape turned out to be too intimate and frankly boring to interest a wide circle of viewers.

In 2002, again, several films and total commercial collapse. Of the 6 paintings, only the miniseries “The Mansion of the Red Rose” can be recalled, to which King specifically wrote the original script. The continuation of the story about the telepathic girl “Firing Fire 2” went unnoticed, as did two remakes: The Dead Zone by Robert Lieberman and Carrie by David Carson, both filmed for television.

The following year, in 2003, King will face another deafening failure: the film version of his full-length novel Dream Catcher fails to crash in his native box office. With 68 million budgets and 25 more spent on marketing and advertising, there are only 33 million in the United States and 75 in the world. Partial rehabilitation for this unsuccessful project came next, in 2004, when the movie “Secret Window” with Johnny Depp came out, which received a good cashier and positive reviews from critics.

From 2004 to 2006, 21 (!) King’s works were screened, however, the majority in the form of short films based on stories. The quantity, as usual, prevailed over quality. There is simply nothing to remember from this abundance of spent film, with the exception of the short series “Nightmares and Fantasies: According to Stephen King”, which was awarded 2 Emmy Awards (for music and visual effects). A remake of “Salems Lot” passed by the potential viewer, and the rest of the tapes taken during this period cannot even be remembered.

In 2007, finally, several memorable events happen. First, America’s last, sixth, season of the TV series “The Dead Zone” (Dead Zone, 2002–2007), which began to be filmed immediately after the release of the 2002 remake, and with the same actors, is released on America’s television screens. On the big screen, the picture of the Swede Michael Hafstrem “1408” with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, and then the new joint project of King and Frank Darabont “Mist” with Thomas Jane appears first. Both pictures turned out to be commercially successful, albeit in different ways, once again reviving the good name of the writer to the mass audience.

And once again proving a banal truth: even the most awesome scenario is not even half the success. Without sure direction, any project is usually doomed. This was vividly demonstrated by the absolutely helpless “masterpiece” of Jeff Beasley's “Cadillac Dolan” (2009). The story, about how a school teacher has been developing for several years, and then embodies his plan for revenge on the gangster who killed his wife, could have been removed much better. However, unsuccessful casting and poor direction, alas, ruined a fairly strong and unconventional plot.

In 2010, on the screens of cinemas, the film “Gray stuff”, directed by the little-known director James B. Cox, passed absolutely unnoticed. It was difficult to hope that such a short and faintly eventful story could become the basis for any worthwhile film. But with the name of King is connected to another, albeit a television, project, the series "Secrets of Haven," on which the writer worked as a co-author of the script.

So, at the moment this is the whole story of the screenings of the "Great and Terrible." The question is, what should we expect from King’s collaboration with the cinema in the very near future? Well, and on this account we have a couple of news. True, they are not all positive.

Many admirers of the writer's talent know and love his most epic and incredible in scope creation - the multivolume "Dark Tower". Last year, the media literally choked with the news that Universal Studio and NBC TV channel signed a joint agreement to shoot three full-length films and two connecting mini-series. It came to the point that Ron Howard (“Mind Games”, “The Da Vinci Code”) was appointed as the director of a super project worth several hundred million dollars, and the Spaniard Javier Bardem was approved for the role of the Arrow.

Alas, King's fans did not long anticipate such a joyous event. A few months later, Universal’s film company, badly damaged financially after a series of setbacks in 2010, refused to sponsor the project. Following this, Ron Howard retired, not wishing to participate in the long-term construction. Thus, the fate of the adaptation of the "Dark Tower" is currently in limbo.

But it is authentically known that Hollywood decided to re-appeal to King's novel “Confrontation”. It was originally planned that David Yates, the author of the latest episode about the young wizard Harry Potter, will direct the film. However, after his appointment to this important post at the Warner studio, protests from the fans of the work began, which were already enough that their favorite book in the past had been ineptly spoiled by Mick Gerris. Miracles happen, and more recently the film company changed the director to ... Ben Affleck. The date of the beginning of filming is still unknown, as are the names of the actors, but there is an opinion that it will not be possible to re-defame such powerful material.

Among the screen versions, which will definitely come out in this and next years, is the new version of the “Kaleidoscope of Horror”, the TV film “Bag of Bones” and, again, the television version of Mobile Phone. At the end of 2011, the film versions of King’s novels “Almost Like Buick” and “Black House” were to be published, but the year ends, and the release dates of these tapes have not yet been announced. The following year, it is planned to complete the shooting of the fantasy TV series "Talisman", written by the writer in collaboration with Peter Straub.

It is rumored that the well-known director Jonathan Demme got the right to film the still unpublished King's 11/22/63 novel (date of death of President John Kennedy). By the way, the director of the well-known thriller “The Silence of the Lambs”. At the same time, studios MGM and Screen Gems plan to revive Carrie.

As we can see, Stephen King still enjoys unceasing demand from filmmakers. Most of his creations are transferred to the screens of TVs and cinemas "hot on the heels", immediately after, and sometimes before the publication of books. The writer himself continues to delight his fans with new works, although, in the opinion of many, most of his latest creations are inferior in the inventiveness and language of his masterpieces of the 70s and 80s. Nevertheless, King is rightly the most ekraniziruemy modern author and is not going to give the palm to other hands.

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