Who is Cthulhu?

Firstly, it is worth noting that “Cthulhu” is the same Internet meme as, for example, the so popular Medved. He got into general use thanks to the bash.org.ru website - the most visited comic site of Runet. Cthulhu quickly gained love among Internet users. They wrote poems about him, painted caricatures, and a few catch phrases appeared, for example: “Cthulhu awakened!”

In fact, Cthulhu “existed” long ago. This character was coined by famous American writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. According to the writer, Cthulhu is an ancient monster, sleeping at the bottom of the ocean and able to control the human mind (hence, “zohavanny mosk”, and “awakening”).

This ancient horror looks like a cross between a giant octopus and a dragon, so it is also constantly being compared with another popular Internet character, the cravad. Of the abilities of Cthulhu, it is worth noting the power over the human mind, but because of the depth of the waters, its influence weakens, and it can only control dreams.

Despite the horrific nature of the monster, there were many worshipers of the deity in the world. Hence another expression - the cult of Cthulhu.
Cthulhu turned out to be such a bright villain that he immediately became a classic character, who even the venerable authors are not ashamed to mention.

So, Cthulhu appears in Zelazny, Sapkowski and Panov. About the ancient evil god make films, make computer games. Do you remember "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Captain with an octopus head? This is how Cthulhu should look, only at times bigger and meaner.

As you can see, Cthulhu was already known, but the secondary construction of him into a cult, already as an Internet god, made him so popular that even Bear had to stand aside. For example, there was a marked increase in the circulation of Lovecraft’s books (and, accordingly, their prices). In 2006, at the Internet conference of Vladimir Putin, the question was asked: “What do you think of Cthulhu?”, To which Putin replied:

I am generally suspicious of all otherworldly forces. If someone wants to turn to true values, then it is better to read the Bible, the Talmud or the Koran. It will be more useful.

Treat the phenomenon of popularity Cthulhu can be different. Someone may say: “Lord, well, nonsense. How can this horrible monster like it? It's just disgusting! ”

But it seems to me that it is necessary to relate more easily to this and instead of the sore “Preved!” Who has smelled "write to someone:" Cthulhu Phthangh! "

You can learn more about Cthulhu or even become his fan here - //fhtagn.ru

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