Where do dropouts win? In language

In a recent war movie, a major performed by Alexander Lykov instructs the lieutenant: “In an extreme situation, intuition will help out.” But who could say so in 1941? In the movie “Brave People” of 1950, and then the hero of Sergei Gurzo said: “I don’t know what intuition is.” And in '41 - the “extreme situation”! With the same right could insert GPS-navigation. And after all, the film had a screenwriter - in theory, the master of the word - there was a group led by the director, and everyone speaks Russian.

I remember how philologists opposed the expression "today." It was formed by analogy with the "tomorrow", "yesterday". They are correct, there is no objection. But "the day of this day" is stupid. But no, I edited several books for a couple with a prominent specialist (her articles are in the encyclopedia), we exchanged texts on e-mail, and instead of "today" I put "today" or "today", and she rules back I replaced again. The combination of "today" in recent decades has become uncommon, and where "now", "now", "now", "nowadays" suit, they also write "today." The dropouts have won.

By long experience, I conclude: they always take over. The reason is simple - it is easier to speak illiterately, no need to learn or think. In addition, they are rested in their opinion, rarely there is a person who does not consider himself to be an expert in language.

It was, I have lost patience with the cooperation of one newspaper. Asked to bring to mind the texts of non-professional authors. Received an article about reducing the "order" in kindergartens. Yes, the order is the order in the list, the sequence of the ones standing. To destroy it means to mix the children into the crowd or to rearrange the names in papers. Actually, it meant a queue. I replaced the places in ten. And the editors sent the text for approval, and the official made herself again. It was necessary to rule again in the band, at night, in a feverish rush. After two or three such cases, I warned: next time I will explain it so that they will remember forever. And here they sent a material about the rescue of drowning people, with pearls like the fact that a full house was installed on the shore: “Swimming is prohibited”. But a full house - only in the theater (well, another major headline in the newspaper). I wrote: "Shield with a poster." And again - they sent a diver, who is also a "linguist". For the second time in my life I used forbidden expressions. No longer asked Losers.

Ignorance is also militant, it wants to bring everyone under its level. On the TV channel "Star" was informative column "Search Results". Time after time they twisted “discovery”, as if the name of the film “TASS is authorized to declare” contains an error: it must be “authorized”, since TASS is an agency. In response, I sent the phrase there: “Our famous university (institution) sends students to your seedy collective farm (farm), but the neighboring state educational institution did not want to.” Did not understand, continued to twist.

There was another disagreement with the aforementioned specialist. She used Lopatin's dictionary. In it: "Horse Guards", "parish". In other dictionaries there is no hyphen, and rightly so. From the agriculture the adjective is agricultural, from the railroad - railway. And if in the store wine and vodka, then it is wine and vodka, in short wine and vodka. Likewise, horse guards - horse guards. Through the dash it appears that the guardsmen are fighting on foot, and horses are separated from them with their teeth and hooves. That's how high semi-literacy has climbed into the dictionary!

In the early 1980s, someone used the adverb "enough" neither to the village nor to the city. They caught the mistake and began to thrust it everywhere: it was difficult enough, it was beautiful enough. What is enough? This means something missing, there is the right amount. For example, enough money for a trip, enough educated to understand. But how to understand: “There is not enough money”? Similar formulations now sound now and then. In a TV interview of some boss, I heard them in a minute three times.

Language, of course, develops. It includes foreign words (sometimes in the wrong sense), old words acquire additional meanings. But, alas, development quite often turns into deterioration, distortion, blunders. Do not rush to take all the "news", the Russian language and in its present form is able to express anything.

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