Children's dreams: do they disappear without a trace? Dream seen in a dream

At home, sitting in a chair, Mr. Fantasilin decided to look at the gifts. However, he could easily guess what they were - it suffices to recall the window of any stall selling trinkets. So it is - a wallet with a wish of fabulous wealth, a statuette of a happy and self-satisfied businessman, a key chain in the shape of an incomprehensible hieroglyph ...

But something still stood out in this souvenir placer. Book! Yes what - on glossy paper, with a gold edging, in a colorful dust jacket! Infrequently give like.

Looking at this masterpiece of printing art, the idea to think about the content does not come first of all. But the name is clear - this is something about the achievement of success and realization of the most incredible ... How should I say ... Desires? Dreams? But they are often fleeting or completely empty. And here it is clearly hinted at something serious. Perhaps aspirations - it more accurately conveys the essence of the matter.

Mr. Fantazilin with a sarcastic smile looked through the majestic volume. But then he plunged into thought. If something like that had come to him in the hands of some kind of years ... dtsat ago! He would read this masterpiece under a blanket with a flashlight. Or maybe he would have fled from his lessons, sat down on a park bench, and would greedily swallow his eyes with a page.

The hero did not notice how he fell asleep without getting up from his chair. But thoughts continued to be awake and turn into bizarre visions.

Sleep is a universal time machine. Years, decades are rewound back, like a tape in an old tape recorder.

Through the sleepy fog, the hero saw himself as a schoolboy Vanya, who dreams in the back row. While the teacher is writing something on the blackboard, he does not waste time - he pulls out a small mirror and begins experiments with the sunbeam. A spot of light is aggressively following the hand with chalk. But a strict lady turned around - and right there, agile Vanya hid a mirror in his pocket.

The theme of the essay appeared on the board: "What I want to become when I grow up." Vanya, bored was cheered up. Whatever he imagined himself - his fantasies would be enough for a whole folio. The young thinker in his imagination was an astronaut flying to Mars and Venus. Then - a traveler, sailing to uncharted islands. And the scientists who discovered the new chemical element. Even presented his portrait in the textbook. And also ...

Vanya falls asleep right behind the desk. And the dream dreamer dreams ...

I saw myself a young romantic office worker. And not Ivan, but Ivan Ivanovich Fantasilin. As an ordinary manager, he checks the documentation, examines each comma closely, just like a microbe under a microscope. And fear paralyzes an exemplary employee: what if there is a mistake somewhere?

Fantasies rushed like a cart from the mountain. For a few minutes, he mentally experienced the horror of finding his hypothetical error - the commission that arrived noticed her! And here it is not far from the bankruptcy of the company. As a reality, the hero saw faces distorted by anger and heard the accusations: “This is all because of you !!!”

It became so scary and embarrassing that Ivan Fantasilin awoke and turned back into a schoolboy, Vanya. Oh, how terrible it is to fall asleep in the classroom at the desk! Now, deuces can not escape! But the awakening happened in a dream. And then it was time to wake up awake.

And now Ivan Fantazilin finally returns to reality - he was awakened by that very book. She fell with a loud bang, hitting the spine on the floor. The hero realized that the awakening was now complete. But there was no time to reflect on a bizarre dream - immediately the brain pierced the idea that the quarterly report has not yet been submitted. Mr Fantazilin hastily gathered in the office. I did not even glance at the fallen book, which, like a fan, opened in the middle.

She was left lying alone on the floor. Only for a moment, her pages shuddered from the wind - this is yesterday's hero of the day, slamming the door, running off on his daily business. But the book did not feel offended. She guessed that on returning, Mr. Fantasilin would notice her. Let him not read completely, but still some of the wise sayings will fall into his eyes. And make you stop, and perhaps even think about something.


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