Who are they, bums, and can they help? Part 1

At first it was precisely an abbreviation that designated a person who lost or does not have a home. Now it is a collective image of people fallen, vagrants and just beggars. The word "beggar" gradually leaves our lexicon or denotes a small stratum engaged mainly in the collection of alms.

And, notice, for some ten years the word has become so densely in our everyday life that now even children who have just learned to speak probably know it now. And this in itself speaks of our society.

Who are they? People who, due to various circumstances, have lost their documents, finally drunk, poorly dressed, have not been washed away for a long time and have no corner?

In the opinion of the average person, they are all the same and, as a rule, cause pity, mixed with a great deal of disgust. You know, probably an anecdote: the bus smelled of good perfume, toilet water and soap, the homeless came in, and everyone began to smell the same? It is characteristic. But is this mass homogeneous? On television, radio and in the press they talk a lot about homeless people. And retelling probably does not make sense. I will dwell on what is not so noticeable when you watch such reports. In fact, among the homeless there is its own hierarchy, its kings and pariahs. To get to the "bread" place is no easier than, say, to become a manager in a large firm. Is this situation alarming?

Many people watched the film “The Land of the Deaf” and were very surprised that there is a society nearby with its “charter” and its gradations of values. So don't you think that we are passing by a community that is no less developed in its own way? But these are our people, and their life and on our conscience. I do not take extreme manifestations when a person himself, quite consciously, sells a passport, an apartment and himself for a bottle of vodka. But among the homeless are many of those who suffered from unscrupulous developers, and even from their own relatives and friends.

Yes, we live in a very difficult and cruel world, but even in it there is a place of compassion. I do not urge you to rush to help everyone, I just ask you to think, and how can I help? Of course, it is difficult to find among the masses of the same those who really need help, but do not forget about it when the opportunity presents itself. A hand in time, just a kind word or piece of bread will not burden you too much. And as the Bible says: let the hand of the giver not be depleted.

True, not everything is so simple, and there are many cases where we are simply what is called “diluted” with money. I do not urge you to give alms in the subway or on the street. Everyone decides for himself who and how he can help. Not letting it slide into the abyss is also help. Just look back, and you, unfortunately, will easily find those who need your support.


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