How to behave with police officers to become uninteresting for them?

We will not consider the extreme cases of such communication (may God forbid everyone to experience this), let's dwell on the usual everyday situation: evening, street, police squad. And the traditional - "Citizen, your documents!"

First of all it is necessary to understand that there is nothing unnatural in this situation. The police have the right to check documents from suspicious persons according to the law, and only hopelessly stupid or too lazy a policeman will not be able to substantiate (if someone demands it from him) why he considered you specifically suspicious.

But specifically, it is not desirable for you to demand these rationales. In any case, the first phase of communication with police officers. Because, at least, it prolongs the very time of communication with them, which is not in the interests of any, even the most law-abiding, citizen.

If you are not smeared with fresh blood (pardon, joke), then there may be several real reasons for which the police have asked you to offer them your documents.

Perhaps they are just bored. Do not give them pleasure with your wit, boringly explain that the documents have just been left at home, boringly give your last name-name and boringly go ahead. Calling the name and surname of some friend instead of your real, be sure in advance that you know the address of the registration of this friend, and that he is not on the criminal wanted list. Why do you then spend time proving that you are you?

Perhaps you are a little drunk. Of course, there is nothing illegal in this, but it is also unnecessary to focus the attention of servicemen on the absolute legality of your state. Remember that jurisprudence is not a mathematician, and there are no clear distinctions between "slightly drunk" and "in an insane state", so in the event of an unfavorable development of events your rear in this matter will not be covered. Even if you feel very drunk, find the strength to clearly explain to the gentlemen the police that you live literally five steps, go just home to fall asleep peacefully in your bed under curses of your beloved wife. They, most likely, will understand.

It is also possible that you imperceptibly, but loudly enough used an expression that some kind of tacit censorship is still for some reason considered obscene. In this case, it is advisable to “realize the whole burden” and just apologize. The guys in uniform, too ... not the ministers of culture, and if you are sincere, then again, most likely, they will understand.

And the most interesting case - the police officers really considered you a suspicious person. Then just watch - watching professionals work is always interesting.

And finally, some more general tips:

Smile Unobtrusively, as a seller in a store where you buy cigarettes every time.
Do not be hostile. Even if you are sure that you are the strongest of the outfit and put them on your left hand, you should know that the police are still more than you.
Do not tell them what they are doing wrong, and what they should do next. Imagine yourself in your office - and an accidental man from the street who tells you that!
With all your behavior, show that it will be more pleasant for them to let you go, than to mess with you later ...
And in the end, just respect the policeman. He is not an alien or incubator, he is the same as you (only at the moment a little power). Mentally remove the "suit" from him, and communicate as with a living person.

And normal people will always understand each other.

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