How does a cat live among people? Monologue cat-queen

At the age of ... oh, at the most tender age I was taken into the house. I immediately laid the foot on the hand of my future mistress. She was not stupid and immediately realized that from now on she was MY mistress! I was called Frantiska (I would prefer Francesca, but this is also good), showed bowls for food and water, a place to sleep and a nook for personal use. I was pleased. Basically.

True, much to my displeasure, in the house there appeared some absolutely black cat-sassy who immediately began to give me signs of attention. Signs immediately issued his plebeian origin. On education, I no longer murch. Mryaf-ff! Horror!

At the cost of incredible efforts, I managed to make him a more or less decent cat. Two weeks later, he already firmly knew what to eat after I deigned to eat, you can sleep in the places strictly set aside for me and, in general, behave in an appropriate manner.

But, to be honest, there was definitely something in him. What are, for example, some sugar-white teeth on a charcoal face? In general, I could not resist him. And from an innocent kitten, I became a wife, and subsequently a mother of 9 kittens.

No, you do not think, I honestly, with true noble dignity, performed my marital and maternal duty. But what to do if the husband was useless and the children too. Except one. Cr-rasavitsa! All in me! Striped, green-eyed. My only child! Sorry…

In general, 8 kittens, similar to this idiot (sorry!) Have died. Maybe it was good for them, angels. And then everything in it. Oh! Mava is not enough!

But do not be sad about. Do not forget, I am a mother, and in my chest a bleeding wound has not yet healed. But my only kitten survived, grew up, subsequently found a family and even moved to another city. I'm happy. Basically.

As for her husband ... Ha, he escaped! No, I'm not worried. What else could you expect from a cat named Furfik ?! After his foul escape from the family, I first stretched my paws on our common mattress and yawned with pleasure. Oh, how nice it is to be your own mistress!

By the way, MY hostess made the repair and updated the furniture in the kitchen. Near the wall put a small sofa. Near the wall where My food bowls and My water bucket stand. Guess what I mean? Soon MY hostess, or, as I affectionately call her, “mummy,” sewed on my sofa a pad of silver fabric with two pillowcases. I did not mind.

Mummy good. Obedient, docile, unobtrusive. A little ill-mannered until her daughter. To her, you see, it seems that mummy devotes more time to me than to her. But it is nothing. The baby is still. Grow up - understand that it should be the only way and not otherwise. I'll wait. I have nowhere to hurry - this is the noble behavior of the cat. Beautiful should be stately.

What, is this someone also said? Not scary. The main thing - the right thought in the right place and in the right head. Then no one will notice if it is yours or not.

Sometimes I sing. No one hears this, but it is. I sing in the early morning, making an exercise on the front garden of my house. Mummy is constantly planting something: lilies, daffodils, roses, hyacinths. Personally, I like lilac more. I rest under it. Sometimes yard cats enter the front garden. With miserable and greedy eyes they look at me. I feel sorry for them. They do not have a mummy, a house, a front garden, there are no such calm green eyes like mine. Therefore, I do not mind when mummy feeds them with my food (within reasonable limits, of course). Generosity is also a true royal trait. And also talent. And also his famous sister. It seems that someone said that too ...

In general, I was a little tired, my friends. I need at least four hours rest. Sleep restores strength, improves coat color, gives elasticity to the paws and organizes thoughts. I am grateful for your attention and I wish you always to remain the same courteous. Another truly royal quality.

Always your cat Frantishka Maximilianovna ChapUri de PompizhU.

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