Is it good to gnaw seeds?

In this age of nanotechnology, interest in seeds does not dry out. Search engines are bombarded with queries:

  • is it harmful to eat a lot of seeds;
  • what dreams of buying sunflower seeds;
  • all about the benefits of seeds;
  • Do they get fat from the seeds?
  • how to fry sunflower seeds;
  • how many seeds in 1 meter cubic;
  • what is the profit from sunflower seeds;
  • Is it possible for pregnant women to have sunflower seeds?
  • roasted sunflower seeds for libido ...

Then you can not continue. Why is the bickering (or, maybe, biting?) Of these little newcomers from the prairies of North America brought to us by Spanish conquistadors so attractive?

The answer is quite simple. It turns out that the husking (in!) Of seeds is a kind of meditation, which has a certain psychotherapeutic effect. The monotony and monotony of the procedure gradually introduces the husk seeds into a trance state. He stops responding to external stimuli and calms his nerves, which, you see, is very useful in our time.

Speaking of vocabulary. Let's look at Dahl's dictionary. It turns out that the word "is" in combination with the word "seeds" are many synonyms. Let's list the most common: peeling, husking, peeling, nibbling, sanding, clicking, picking out, hatching, peeling, peeling, clicking, lustering and zhucing. So, and no less.

Many popular and professional signs will be associated with seeds. For example, if the crisis has affected your business and things are not going so well, then, having a dream where you click the seeds, wait for a noticeable improvement.

In the circus is not taken nibble seeds. It is believed that this will reduce circus fees. Clowns often turn to rodents sitting among the audience, with these words: "Do not click the seeds - poizvyschelkivaet viewers".

In Muslims, a sign of bad taste is considered to husk the seeds during a conversation with the interlocutor.

Why are there East. A few years ago, a ban on nibbling (or maybe nibbling?) Was officially banned in the streets of Romania. On the avenues of the capital appeared the appropriate posters. True, the ban did not reach the villages - apparently, it was considered useless there.

In 2002, during Putin’s official visit to Vladivostok, the city authorities banned the sale of sunflower seeds.

However, there are reverse examples. In the hard times of perestroika, a cinema was opened in Yerevan, where, in addition to smoking, it was allowed to husk seeds and, I suppose, to spit the husk on the floor. Under such hooligan films like “The Kinglet - A Singing Bird” or “Sinbad the Sailor”, they nibbled (after all, more colorful) without stopping.

Fast forward to America. In the US, there is a fairly popular seed brand "David." Under this brand in beautiful packaging, exactly 163 grams, they sell salted and simple dried, with spicy tomato sauce and bacon-flavored seeds. In a colorful bag the instruction on the correct gnawing (and, here prompt - gnawing) sunflower seeds is enclosed. It turns out that this is necessary "Crack the shell with your teeth, eat the core, spit out the husk and be happy". What a pity that the Russians did not read this instruction. A glass of ordinary roasted seeds could make them happy overnight.

Let's still return to our topic, namely: is it good to eat sunflower seeds? List them beneficial features:

  • Seeds contain as much calcium as needed by the body as there is in fruit yogurt or sour cream.
  • They are rich in substances that strengthen our skin and normalize the acid-base balance in the body. No wonder, in order to relieve heartburn, it is enough to chew on a few seeds.
  • Men, attention! Seeds - a storehouse of vitamin E, which feeds your potency. In half of a cut glass of correctly roasted seeds, its daily rate is already contained. "Guys, the one who gnaws the seeds is worth it." Here is our slogan as opposed to foreign Viagra.
  • In order to have healthy and shiny hair, the body needs a certain amount of zinc. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are very rich to them. Eat sunflower seeds.
  • Gnawing seeds is a great way to stay awake while driving. Repeatedly tested in practice.

Like everything else in our life, seeds have a reverse side of the coin. Let's mark them bad sides:

  • Husk sunflower seeds, you destroy tooth enamel.
  • But this, believe me, is not the worst. Sunflower sucks lead and cadmium with its roots from the soil and saturates the seeds kernels with them. Given the modern ecology, this rubbish enters our body in the process of gnawing. For lovers of "semyok": an excess of cadmium causes kidney disease, hypertension and mental retardation.
  • Kuban grandmothers treat their rheumatic legs, dropping them into a bag with hot seeds, then go to the market and sell them (not feet, but seeds) in small batches.

After such a dose of useful information, everyone is free to decide whether it is useful or harmful to eat seeds.

Those who, having read this article, are not disappointed in this product, will give some practical advice on how to properly fry the seeds, so that they are really a delicacy.

Before roasting seeds, rinse them under running cold water to remove dust and coloring pigment from their surface, and immediately pour it onto a hot frying pan, preferably cast iron.

It is necessary to fry sunflower seeds correctly, i.e. constantly stirring with a wooden spatula. After they begin to “pop”, remove the griddle from the heat, but do not stop stirring. Then, after a short pause, we again put on fire and repeat this procedure 3-4 times.

At the end of the fried seeds should be poured on a flat wooden surface and cover with linen or cotton cloth for 10 minutes to "ripen". Only with this method of frying, they turn into a real "hot calf" - a well-known delicacy in Russia.

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