What is love? Explain! Tell that! Let me believe in her ...

On the pages of "School of Life.ru" articles covering the topic of relations between a man and a woman appear regularly. Interest in the issue does not fade away. Why? Because life does not die away, new generations come. And the range of these relations extends from "night butterflies" - on the one hand, to the harem - on the other. With all the intermediate options, including a happy family in our understanding with you.

At the same time, feelings vary from euphoria, flight, happiness - to complete disappointment, the abyss of despair and even death. There is such a service on Mail.ru - [email protected] So there ask about it every 10−15 seconds. People want to quickly find a simple answer to their questions. Unfortunately, rarely respond seriously.

I do not aim to answer all. To talk about everything is to talk about nothing. On the other hand, to help understand something to a particular person, you must first understand this person. For this you need to communicate with him in real life, personally. So everything is useless? I do not know ... I am writing these lines now and I feel that I am looking into a bottomless abyss. And I feel the same excitement and interest. Interest may be caused only by something unknown or incomprehensible. And they say that love says it all ... However, we can do without maxims and philosophy.

Are you still interested? Good. But then I anticipate objections. Because I will answer questions. Without imposing, however, the opinion. Just telling it. The logic of presentation is, unfortunately, mercilessly violated. But otherwise I do not see how to breathe life into this text.

So what is love? Writing novels on this subject. How to answer briefly if the topic is inexhaustible? We will not draw! I will tell you how I understand it. Love is when you want to live for another person. Speaking of myself, I mean a woman here, of course. And it's all? For me, yes, that's all. I will only add that countless "scientific" developments on this topic - such as the formula of love, harmonious love, ideal love, I consider it nonsense.

Where to look for love? It seems a simple question. But here we must give advice, and this is responsibility. I think we should look everywhere and always. Among those with whom you communicate, of course. The Internet also plays an important role here. Chat rooms, dating sites, then a real meeting. The main thing is to find. Success is never blamed. Nuance, however, there is one ...

How to understand that this is it, the very thing that was looking for? Reason is not to understand. The mind will have to be turned off. And turn on the intuition. And it works best when a person is in a state of enthusiasm, arousal. The nature for this came up with love. In this state, all feelings are sharpened to the limit. Trust your intuition. Then, of course, you can turn on the mind again. But be prepared for the fact that the result of his work will be the opposite. And you will have to make a choice - either “into the pool with your head”, or live peacefully and lonely.

To young women, girls, I will say this: "Do you want to give birth to a child from him?". If the answer is yes, then it probably is. A man to live with a woman makes sense only when he wants live for this woman. If such a desire does not arise or your personal interests turn out to be more important for you, then this is not the woman. Or you do not need anything like that. It is better to live with your mother or the woman who replaces her now.

A little more about falling in love. This is not a common condition for humans. And it is impossible to be in this state for a long time. Impossible. The state of love is an explosion of feelings on the verge of madness. The whole world is getting brighter. A person feels the strongest emotions, capable of crazy things. It is a burning feeling. The jealousy in you also flares up like a bright flame, like other feelings. The whole world "meets the wedge" on the object of love. Without it, the world dims.

But at the very thought of him, the heart begins to beat. You look forward to seeing you. And the closer this meeting, the stronger the heart beats. And when you meet and touch each other, the heart stops altogether. For a minute. Then the hot wave of happiness will flood. If you experience this, it means your intuition tells you - this is what you were waiting for. The answer to the question turned out to be long, because the question was key in this topic.

The guy wrote the question: “You are the life of my life, where are you?” - beautiful. Out of the soul ... just beautiful, we will not answer.

But the girl asked: "And what is true, that all normal men were taken apart !!!" Do you want to answer her? I have to answer, I know. She is young, this girl. And find his prince. If you will not sit and wait. You understand that with the age of "normal men" it becomes less and less. And because they are "dismantled." And because they become "abnormal." And they just become smaller. A woman should soberly assess their chances. And the less chance, the more active it should behave. But smarter too. Or maybe we need to reconsider their requirements for the chosen one?

And again: “What do you think, how long does love have to wait?” - girl, of course. In this issue pain. She knows what love is. She had it - three years ago. But three years ... "Without love, I can not build a relationship, but one is bad." The answer is the same as in the previous question. And yet - allow yourself to love!

A shy girl asks: “And reciprocity should always be sought ... and talk about it, and do something needs to be done?” Well, what about? !! If you understand that this is your love, you really will not do anything? Oh, and regret later! I'll tell you what is better to do and regret than not to do and regret. Attention men attract not difficult. You know how to do it?

“Why, if you press on the gas pedal with two feet, the car does not travel twice as fast?” - Who do you think asked? That's right, the image of a curly blonde appears before your eyes. So it was calculated! And it turned out! Learn to attract attention.

The man: “Why do you need to always prove that you are loved?” A need! Because women take it more seriously than men. And what you plan to finish tomorrow morning, they can plan to turn into your life.

In continuation of the previous one this question sounds from the girl: “Why don't many people believe in love?” I will say more. I have women I know - smart, beautiful, talented. Raised children. One of them has three of them. And you know what they say? "I do not know what love is!" And they do not hope to love themselves, but they want to be loved. Girls who do not believe in love, I will say again: "Allow yourself to love!". Perhaps the reciprocal feeling of love in you will not flare up, but this you will tell later. When your children grow up with him. Respect him. Be grateful, attentive, gentle. I think this will be enough for a happy life.

One more question, and that's all for today: “I wonder what kind of love is stronger - FIRST or LAST?” This is just the curiosity of a young girl. You understand that it is not the power of love. If you can live without it - live, what does love have to do with it? Well, what if you can't live without it? Is it strong or not? And still distinguish love from love. Love is a human condition. And love is his life.

I understand that each of the questions asked here may be the subject of a separate article. And there are thousands of such questions. But I hope that this article is a little drop in the sea of ​​love. Because I wrote it with love to you.

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