Who and what prevents live men? I. Physical abuse and public opinion.

Grievous injuries that women inflict in domestic fights are twice as likely as murders to add to the killings. And talking about the damage that could not hide. Any police sergeant who has to go to the "domestic disassembly" can cite many examples when a man explained his broken face with standard "fell" or "slipped" completely denying involvement in the damage to his "companion".

Sometimes even the presence of "material evidence" in the form of a bent pan or a broken rolling pin does not prevent to deny the obvious. The police in these cases most often act according to the principle: the husband and wife are one Satan, they will figure it out for themselves, which only in the family does not happen.

There are also less common, but more sophisticated forms of violence from wives. For example, deliberately putting the faithful "in a glass." What's the point? You can give several reasons, one of them - the divorce and division of property.

Men Responsibility for the sexual abuse of men is provided by law. But in the judicial practice of recent years, criminal cases of this kind are absent. Does it mean that there is no reason for them? Any employee of the penitentiary system, without hesitation, will respond in the negative. Unless, of course, the question is asked confidentially. Despite the fact that official documents consider mundaneism (along with other crimes) as a pretext for a negative assessment of the activities of the colony's leadership, in the “zones” such cases are not isolated.

The customs of the prison world are harsh. Becoming "down" there is easy. It is enough for the slightest mistake, which “at liberty” no one would pay attention to. On the other hand, no one will write a statement. The crime is hidden as a victim, and guards, not to mention the criminals.

Public opinion. Unlike sexual, economic violence against a man is harder to hide. But public opinion refers to blatant cases of “with understanding” the position of not the injured man, but the opposite side.

What judgments will be made about a man who did not let his wife into an apartment built by joint efforts? Will there be at least one positive opinion, or at least a neutral one? But, if a woman does this, then it is clear to everyone that this is an adulterer and a drunkard forced her to go to extreme measures.

In the case of divorce, the law formally provides for the equal rights of former spouses to property. But in practice, the section is a long and painful procedure. It is not uncommon for a man to leave “what is”, and public opinion considers this situation to be correct, they say, he will still work. At the same time, the attitude towards a woman who turned out to be “at the broken” trough is completely different.

The examples given far from fully describe the vicissitudes and dangers of male existence. Continue to talk about them next time.

Watch the video: Unmasking the abuser. Dina McMillan. TEDxCanberra (February 2020).


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