What books do girls like?

Let us try once again to take advantage of this circumstance and thus arrange these magical details in our dwelling so that they are guaranteed to fit in the head of the lady who has come to us in the right phrase that characterizes us from the best side. Today, with such detail FIVE GREAT BOOKS ON YOUR BOOK SHELF.
Let's face it. A copy of Venus in Furs, Zaher Masoch, lying on the coffee table, will not add points to your eyes. She wants you to be elegant and cultured, so make her a pleasant, run off to the nearest bookstore with a string bag, and not for a beer at the nearest kiosk. Select several books there, then remember them properly, fold the pages, and also rub the covers with something, giving the volumes a readable look.
If a guest asks about the content of one of these books (no matter which one), make a smart face and profoundly speak something like, “Overall, not bad. The characters of the characters have been worked out very badly, but the author has rather distractedly and moved away from the main plot in the last four chapters ... ”. Be sure she will take care to ask something else. There is, of course, the risk of running into an educated lady from the “blue stocking” series, but ... because you like girls of another type, don't you?

For simplicity, we offer a small book hit parade. So, at number one is “Anna Karenina” of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (a novel about an unhappy woman, convicted by society and in a fit of deep depression, who pleased us in an accident).
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s “The Karamazov Brothers” (mysterious novel: everyone knows about this book, but no one remembers what it was written about) will look good around.
Number three is "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac (a stream of consciousness on the subject of existence from the point of view of a deer).
The fourth in this list is the book “Heavenly Kundalini” by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh (meditation, as well as juggling with chakras and mantras).
And, finally, Albert Camus's “Man of Rebellion” (a book replete with quotations from V.I. Lenin, Karl Marx and telling about moral choices).

We put these books in the indicated order and in the language of the interior we get something like this: “Let me introduce myself - an intellectual-universal”. And let it be a shame to one who can not read it!

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