How to cook babin porridge? Recipes of the Belarusian hinterland

Baptism, or in Belarusian "hresbiny" - an ancient Slavic rite. The main part of this special home feast on the day of the sacrament of baptism is lunch, for which the closest ones were going to visit the baby and his parents. Only married women who already had their own children were allowed to dinner. The meals at the “Hrasbins” were mostly carried with them. The main dish of the table - babin porridge - was brought by a midwife, hence the name.

Cooking porridge should be carried out exclusively in a clay pot. Why so strict approach to the choice of dishes, it will become clear below.

The main ingredient of this porridge is millet. Three glasses of cereal require one liter of milk, three eggs, three tablespoons of thick sour cream and a tablespoon of honey. Salt and sugar - to taste. Babina porridge - sweet, sugar is not spared. Probably, the life of the newborn was sweeter.

Enumerated millet groats fall asleep in a clay pot, filling it about half. Immediately, they also salt, at the same time, pinching the pot three times with a pinch and saying, “Pamazhi Bozhanka, the cab was savory, the cab Gastiam was savory.” Then the cereal is poured with milk almost to the very top of the pot, mixed thoroughly to make the pomarel, and put the pot in the oven. Not far from the heat, closer to the edge. Millet should boil only until half ready.

After the porridge begins to boil and boil a little, the pot is taken out and its contents are poured into larger dishes in order to “paclasi and porridge ў whole prymacchi”.

Eggs are broken into separate dishes and mixed together with sour cream and sugar, then poured into porridge, there is added a little honey to smell, and a piece of butter. All together are mixed until a homogeneous mass of consistency of thick cream until all the lumps are stirred. If the porridge is too thick, then add a little milk.

They knead them back in a pot, just in case they baptize once more: “God bless you, like a good porridge,” and put in a stove for two hours. This time in depth, so that it warms up well, it breaks open and firmly grabs.

Think that's all? Can babin porridge "piping hot" to the table? You are mistaken, after all, the "hresbins" are still ahead.

All the guests on the christening day knew that porridge would appear on the table, because it is the central dish of the holiday, a symbol of the continuation of the race. But the midwife brought the treat with her for the time being hid, hid from everyone. Only after joking, but fierce bargaining and receiving ransom, it is quite necessary to note that the midwife gave the pot of porridge to the godfather, to the godfather of the child.

He wrapped the pot in a clean towel and hit the table with all his might. Now I understand why Babin porridge is cooked only in pottery?

The pot after the blow, of course, broke into shards. But a well-stiffened porridge kept its shape and did not crumble, except on the edges. A lump of porridge kum broke and treated all the guests.

Now - bon appetit!

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