Machine or electric shaver - what to choose?

But, if you decided to shave, then the question arises: what to shave? In fact, there are only two options: a machine or an electric shaver. Each of these options has its pros and cons, someone prefers one thing, and someone else.

Ask: what do I personally prefer? But I will not say! To keep at least the appearance of objectivity and not to push the reader to the idea that the article is of an advertising nature in favor of one of the methods of shaving. No advertising - only the facts, and draw your own conclusions.

So what can you say in favor of shaving with an electric razor?

  • First, quickly. The whole process of shaving takes no more than five to seven minutes.
  • Secondly, there is no need for shaving creams and water. If the shaver is equipped with a charger, you can shave anywhere, even outside the home.
  • And more: when shaving with an electric razor, cuts and scratches on the skin are excluded.

Well, what about an electric shaver minuses?

  • First, the shaver does not shave as clean as a machine.
  • Secondly, shaving with an electric razor can cause skin irritation, which is manifested by itching and rash. However, usually after some time (usually within a month), the skin becomes accustomed, and the irritation disappears.
  • One last thing: an electric shaver costs much more than a machine tool. However, it should be noted that the replacement of the blade kit with an electric shaver is required much less frequently than with a machine tool. If this is a net razor, then once a year and a half. If the rotary - then even less (about once every three years).

However, those that shave their machines, of course, can lead a lot of arguments in favor just such a shave. For example…

  • The machine shaves cleaner than electric shaver, so you can shave less often.
  • Shaving with the machine does not cause irritation.
  • The machine is much cheaper.

However, it should be noted that if you bought a machine for shaving, then you will occasionally have to purchase new blades for it, as well as creams and lotions - that is, everything that is necessary for a wet shave.

At the same time, have a machine shave and your limitations:

  • A source of water, shaving cream, aftershave lotion are needed ... In general, it is relatively long and troublesome.
  • Scratches, cuts on the skin, cut acne - almost inevitable machine shave costs.
  • You need to periodically buy creams, lotions and new blades. True, there are disposable machines with irremovable blades. That is, one or two shaved - and threw it away. These machines are cheap. However, the quality of them is very low: shave is not too clean, but leave a lot of scratches and cuts on the face.

Well, perhaps that's all. I hope that I managed, though briefly, but quite clearly to state the main arguments in favor of each method of shaving. What is called - facts, only facts and nothing but facts. And draw your own conclusions!

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