How to celebrate the Day of the sick person?

This is the category of World Day of the Sick. This holiday was established on May 13, 1992 at the suggestion of Pope John Paul II, and it is celebrated on February 11. Few people know about this holiday, but it concerns the majority, since few people are happy owners of good health. The task of the holiday is to attract the attention of public organizations, political figures and other people to the problems of the sick.

There are related holidays, which are also devoted to health problems. They are: “World Health Day”, “World Day of Disabled Persons”, “World AIDS Day” and others. It is very good that so much attention is paid to health problems in the world.

The unfavorable ecological situation, natural disasters associated with climate change, epidemics, and economic problems contribute to the growth of the number of sick people in the world. All this significantly affects the standard of living, health and life expectancy of people. Problems require solutions at the level of the government of the country, but we can also take part in helping sick people.

Patients have a lot of problems - these are expensive medications, poor-quality medical care, poor living conditions and just a lack of attention. The day of a sick person can be noted as a manifestation of special attention to the needy, whether it is a loved one or a complete stranger.

On this day, just need to visit the patient and remind about the holiday. This, perhaps, will lift his spirits, and things will go on the mend. And as a gift you can bring a box of vitamins instead of candy and flowers. For a person with more serious health problems, the attention of the medical staff, doctors, and the opportunity to get real help and support in the fight against a serious illness will be doubly enjoyable on this day.

What kind of help can I give? You can transfer all possible financial assistance to charitable foundations. Currently, in our country a single Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia has been created, which includes about three thousand charitable organizations and foundations. Their goals and objectives are broad, but one of the main tasks is to help sick people.

The “Charity Telethon Marathon” organized on television to raise funds to help sick people bring great benefits. Well-known artists, cinema, politicians come to the program - the problem can be discussed live and you can make a financial contribution. Such marathons are held in many cities of Russia and abroad. Usually they are held in time for such holidays.

Now there is a lot of information that you can take part in a charity event via the Internet or using a mobile phone. If you have a distrust of such actions, you can personally assist those in need. This may be donation of blood or volunteer work at the hospital.

But the most important gift to a sick person is our attention, sympathy, empathy, moral support. Suffering and pain are always harder to endure alone. If there is a person to whom you can pour out the soul - this is the first step on the road to recovery. A sick person must become healthy - this is the main task of this holiday!

On the World Day of the Sick, we should not forget about the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. After all, as they say, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. So this day can be devoted to maintaining your health. Health is a priceless gift of nature to man, and how he will carry it to old age depends largely on the person himself. Everyone has the opportunity to strengthen and maintain their health, to maintain vigor throughout their lives. To do this, you need to lead an active lifestyle, become tempered, play sports, try to give up bad habits and live in harmony with yourself, the outside world and nature.

And each of us can be in the place of a sick person, so let's not put off good works indefinitely and do it right today, on the World Holiday of the Sick.

It is useless to say: "We are doing everything in our power." You must successfully accomplish what is necessary. (Winston Churchill)

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