How to turn a regular computer into New Year's?

Everyone decides for himself what and how he wants to decorate. For example, to decorate a Christmas tree or hang a garland on the window, and maybe both. But there is one thing whose decoration is often undeservedly forgotten. It's about the computer. Pursuing various goals (work, study, leisure, entertainment), every year people increasingly use the computer, spend a lot of time with him. Therefore, it is especially pleasant when a peculiar friend and helper will also be pleasing to the eye.

We will talk about how to give a computer a New Year appearance.

So, let's do some decoration first. desktop computer. No, not at all the table on which the computer stands, we will decorate the desktop, which, to put it simply, is the background of the computer screen on which all windows “live”.

Christmas wallpapers (background image). If you don’t have Christmas pictures in your computer that could be used as wallpaper, you can easily find them on the Internet. Just type "Christmas wallpaper" in the search bar of any search engine.

Christmas icons (badges). Habitual icons "my computer", "my documents", "basket" can be replaced with New Year's. For example, instead of a basket - New Year's bag of Santa Claus. You can also change the appearance and the usual yellow folder. To find icons on the Internet, simply enter in the search engine a "collection of icons for the desktop" or "a collection of Christmas icons." In the first case, the collection will include icons for all occasions, among which there will be New Year's.

To change the icons of the standard set of desktop icons, in the properties of the screen on the “desktop” tab, click “Desktop settings”, then choose which icon you want to change, and click “Change icon”, then: click “Browse”, select the folder where downloaded (pre-installed or just unpacked) icons from the Internet are stored, select the icon you like.

To change the icon of a folder, right-click on this folder, select “properties”, then the “settings” tab, click “change icon”. Further, by analogy with the above.

New Year Cursors. Instead of the usual arrows, there can be anything: a small Christmas tree, an icicle, a snowflake, etc. The cursors can also be found on the Internet.

To change the cursor, use the Control Panel to find the properties of the mouse (the mouse icon), go to the “pointers” tab, select the cursor mode that we want to change in the settings, click “browse”, find the folder where the necessary cursors are stored, select the one you like.

Christmas sounds. You can change the sound of running Windows, cleaning the trash, etc.

You can change the sound by analogy with replacing the cursor (sounds and audio devices - the “sounds” tab).

Christmas animation. On the Internet a great variety of colorful Christmas animation. Animation is able to make your desktop just fabulous.

To add animation to your desktop, do the following: screen properties — desktop tab — desktop setting — web tab — create — review — select an animation folder — select a specific animation. After the animation appears on the desktop, hover over it and move it to the desired location. After that, the desktop elements can be fixed (on the “web” tab, tick the “Fix desktop elements” checkbox).

New Year's programs. Santa Claus can settle on your desktop, it snows, the garland burns, and the effect will be even greater than from the animation. Santa Claus will no longer just move at one point, but move around the entire screen, performing various “tricks”. Snow going in various modes will give an extra stream of life to your computer.

I gave only some examples, there are more than a dozen different programs that can significantly elevate mood.

New year screen savers. If you haven't been working at a computer for some time, then a screen saver appears, which is already quite familiar to many. But the screensaver can also be New Year's.

Download the splash screen from the Internet, open the folder with it, double-click on the splash icon and start installing it on the computer. Then in the properties of the screen on the tab "screensaver" select this screensaver.

New year desktop themes. A desktop theme is a wallpaper, a collection of sounds, icons, and other elements of the desktop; set through the properties of the screen.

It would seem, why bother with the installation of each individual element, when it is faster and easier to install everything in the complex. Maybe this is true, but personally I haven’t yet been able to select a single topic that would fully correspond to my wishes in the design. In this case, as they say, a matter of taste.

Well, with the decoration of the desktop sort of sorted out. Now a few words about how to transform appearance computer.

The most versatile option is stickers. They can be stuck on the monitor screen border, as well as on the keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, etc. Labels can be of different sizes, and they can be both voluminous and paper. The main thing is that after removing the sticker on the computer there are no traces of glue.

Still, as an option, you can neatly with adhesive tape to glue Christmas tinsel. It is important here that the tinsel does not interfere with the work, and the tape does not leave any glue marks later.

New Year is just around the corner, take care of your computer in advance! Happy New Year!


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