Does airbag always save?

But for some reason, the rules of the road do not take into account the steepness of a macho, and for more than three decades now, starting from April 1, 1975, they require drivers and passengers to wear on the car while driving.

Disputes about the effectiveness of belts do not subside almost from the moment of their invention. Opponents of fastening claim that the belt interferes with driving a car and thus almost provokes an accident, give examples when an unbuttoned passenger who flew through the front glass remained alive while his seat was wrinkled, claim that the airbag will save life faster than anyone belt.

But statistics have other information. Only 20% of rescues in critical situations provided aerbags, while belts - 70%. Pillows are triggered by serious accidents, while the fastened belt performs its functions constantly. Meanwhile, in a collision with a fixed obstacle at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, both the airbag and the belt are most likely to be useless. Externally not injured person dies from injuries of internal organs due to the enormous overload during an abrupt stop.

Belts are the most effective at speeds of 40−50 kilometers per hour, when the pillow may simply not work. A lot of accidents in urban environments occur at these speeds. Of course, we drive faster, but by applying emergency braking, the driver usually manages to slow down the speed at which a collision occurs to the specified values.

Have you ever seen a race car driver drive his car unbuckled? The belt allows it to merge with the machine, which not only facilitates control, but also increases safety. Despite frequent accidents, the number of injuries, and even more deaths on race tracks, is much lower than on ordinary roads.

When overturning the maximum injuries are received as a result of body blows on the car body. The pillow here is not a helper at all, but the belts will securely hold the person in one place. When skidding, or a sudden mechanical damage (broken wheel, broken ball bearing), the fastened driver does not have to spend efforts and precious fractions of a second to maintain his own position, which makes it possible to focus all attention on driving.

Belt designers come up with new solutions that increase the reliability and efficiency of seat belts. Even the electronics went into circulation. Smart belts are able to press the body of a person to the chair for an instant before the start of braking, which reduces the risk of "belt" injuries - bruises and broken ribs.

Of course, in some cases, the airbag simply does not have an alternative. But, ignoring the belts, the driver or passenger forget that the variety of emergencies is incalculable. Keep this in mind and wear your shoes not out of fear of a possible fine, but from a natural desire to ensure the safety of yourself and passengers. Good luck on the roads.

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