How and what to ride in Germany?


The fare in public transport in the city is too high and when traveling for short distances, for example, a company of 2-3 people is much cheaper to ride in a taxi. There are no turnstiles, electronic controllers in land transport, including trains. I don’t know how the trip without a ticket will end in principle (it’s unlikely that, like under Hitler, it will be shot on the spot), but during numerous trips the tickets have never been checked (even a shame). By the way, with regards to electric trains, things are much simpler - at the so-called suburban railway stations in the machine you buy tickets yourself - the further the settlement you need, the more expensive the ticket.


If you need to get somewhere, don't even try to catch a ride on the street. In Germany, "bombed" no. Not accepted. At best, they will pay close attention to you.

Pay attention to one significant difference. In Germany, you can, without asking for the cost of the trip, take a taxi (if it was decided to take a taxi). Moreover, no matter where: on one of the streets of the city, at the airport, at the station - the cost of the trip will be the same. The cost of the trip is determined by an electronic meter - more than expected, they will not charge you. Rush hour trip is more expensive. 1 minute of downtime in traffic will cost you 10 eurocents.

No matter what they say, even in Berlin there are not so many English-speaking taxi drivers, so you can use the address written on a piece of paper to communicate your destination. In particular, I always used the business card of the hotel where I lived (despite the fact that there are no problems with English). No matter how strange it may be, there are much more Russian-speaking (just immigrants from the CIS countries) drivers. Several times walked through the taxi stand and found ours!

If you are traveling by a company of more than four people, no one will be lucky even for double pay. You will have to call the car more spaciousness. This will help you absolutely any taxi driver whom you meet.


Honestly, I have never seen a bike rental point in Germany, however, this type of transport is extremely popular there. Throughout Berlin, for example (in small towns there is no such thing), the pavement is divided into 2 parts: for pedestrians and cyclists. Not to miss a cyclist on the road, for example, is an even bigger sin than not to miss a pedestrian.


I draw your attention to the fact that car rental is not possible if you do not have a plastic card or there is not enough money on it. The car can be rented at the airport, you can order a car by phone and bring it to the hotel.
When ordering by phone, you will need to give your surname and name, address of residence, passport number and plastic card number, specify the type of car you want.
Now about the cost of hire. Considered the cheapest Golf class. In this category - Volkswagen, Ford Focus and many others. The average cost, depending on the company, is 80 euros per day.

Driving a car to a hotel costs 15 euros. Please note (this was suggested to me by the hotel administrator) if the company’s representatives were delayed by more than 15 minutes, inform them that you will not pay for such a “delivery”. With this no questions - the punctuality of the Germans without compromise makes them agree with your statement and accept your conditions.

Upon receipt of the car, you must immediately specify where you hand over the car. I have never had any problems, and the place of receiving the car has always been different from the place of its delivery.

What is particularly interesting, when you receive a car, you are given only paper (even without seals) about what you took from the rental car. No technical passports. The insurance sum and other conditions are immediately reflected in the paper.

Important conditions:

- When you receive the car, you name the desired number of days during which you will operate the car. You can extend or reduce this period without any problems - you just need to inform about it by phone of any representative office of your company (when you receive the car, you will be informed of this phone number, by which you should call first if something happens).

- Place of operation. Check with representatives of the company, which territory is covered by insurance. As a rule, it does not include the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia. You are informed that theoretically you can leave for this country, however, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will not compensate for any losses.

- Franchise. Specify what amount will not be reimbursed to you in the event of an accident (the last time I took a new Volkswagen, and I was declared an amount of 700 euros for compensation of 1000 euros).

- Specify what will be considered as a full day. As a rule, all companies provide the opportunity to delay no more than three hours after the expiration of the agreed day.


During one of the last trips (more than 1500 km), I met only one police car standing in the middle of the road. All the rest was given to electronic radars with cameras. Only receipts for fines do not reach Russia. In this regard, I was not particularly interested in the amounts of fines. But the requirement to wear a seat belt I fulfilled - the amount of the fine in the amount of 80 euros announced to me by one of my friends made an impression.

Find the right place

If you get lost or do not have time to look for the right place, contact the taxi driver (the standard scheme of a trip to an unfamiliar city). The taxi driver will immediately tell you the estimated time of the trip, as well as the amount. Follow him, arriving at the place, pay for the "trip".

Car delivery

When you rent a car, for example, at an airport, no one will even look at it. It is enough for you, having driven a car onto a special parking lot, hand over the keys and say goodbye to a company representative. The car will be checked for damage later. Pay attention, you get a car with a full tank of fuel. Similarly, it is necessary and pass it. Otherwise, your card will also automatically (as well as car rental fees) be charged a penalty amount that significantly exceeds the cost of fuel that has not been added to the tank.

Bon Voyage!

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