How can a personal blog help shape your personal brand?

“Poo-poo-poo-let not everyone agree,
That we are so cool here ...
But this is no reason to be sad! "

But to post - reason!

Why doesn't everyone know about your great achievements and extraordinarily high professionalism? It is a personal diary (blog) and must convince these dissenters. But what if these ... dissenters - well, do not want to agree? How to convince them?

Of course, you will not convince everyone, but dragging a part of the doubters to your side is quite possible.

Personal blog today is already an integral part of the image of an IT professional. And in many other areas, especially related to IT, too! And tomorrow, his blog, this one will obviously be considered simultaneously with the summary and portfolio. As a smart bourgeois blogger, who was subsequently invited to the Times newspaper, said: “Tomorrow nobody will need your resume anymore. Google will tell about you much more than the most complete summary! ”

So, what to write aboutso that it was not painful ... Then ... After all, "what is written with a pen, you can not cut it with an ax!" Especially from the consciousness of future customers, colleagues and just readers.

1. First of all, about your successes! Professional, including. Completion of a complex (and not only) project is simply obliged to be reflected in your personal blog, if it, this project, does not represent a commercial secret. It is your success that forms not only the portfolio (I hope, no need to explain what it is), but also form a certain aura of professionalism and trust in the readers. Not at all, true, but at many.

2. In your personal blog, preferably in a prominent place or on a separate page, your credo should be published - a set of life rules and values. You need customers. And customers need iron confidence that you will solve their problems. But the decision to choose you or another matures, including on the basis of knowledge about your system of values. So why should a client invent it, this system! Here it is, written ... Read!

3. Sayings of the pros of your professional field about yourself, your favorite. No need only modesty, do not pay for it, and at the same time bragging, boasters do not trust. And any reputation is built on trust!

4. And statements of satisfied customers also do not interfere. But here it is necessary to obtain personal or official permission to publish and indicate, again with the consent of the client, his contact details.

5. If you have given an interview to some authoritative (or not) edition, you should not publish it entirely in your blog, even with reference to the source. Most people are lazy and will not click on this link. What for? Here and so everything is written ... And your personal IMHO-posts and answers to the questions of the "correspondent" are simply mixed up in his head. And the emergence of trust is usually not conducive. Limit yourself to a statement of fact and give a link. Let the reader make sure that this is true. Trust in you will only grow.

6. Post controversial questions from your field of work and tell us how you see the answer. It is better in this publication to enter into a dispute, even a virtual one, with some guru from your professional sphere. What do you agree with him and, most importantly, what do not agree. Especially emphasize differences of opinion. Then this post can be sent to the professional (for your business) Internet community and often to him, to this post, to return, commenting on ... comments.

7. Scandals, “assaults”, accusations of lack of professionalism are an integral part of today's professional ethics. Unfortunately ... Never need to hush up scandals and scandal. Then it will only get worse, because they will still find out about it. Play ahead of the curve - describe the situation as neutral as possible and express your point of view on this. By the way, such scandals with some skill can be arranged on your own! Advertising is canceled! Only now would not overdo it ...

8. A person is an incredulous being ... He always doubts. Even if it does not show it. Make it so that you can communicate "live", and maybe meet. Indicate how and when this can be done. The more customer channels of communication, the better!

9. Well, do not forget about the personal. Stories about your family, habits, hobbies will not be superfluous either.

So, the summary.

Posts in a personal professional blog should answer the following questions:

1. What is my value system?

2. And what do I know and know this, what others do not know and do not know how? What problems can I solve better (more efficiently) than others?

3. What are my professional accomplishments?

4. Which authority in my area can confirm this?

5. Who and how can confirm the quality of my product (products, services)?

6. What is the focus and what should be discarded?

7. What (and how) do I respond to the "intrigues" of competitors and detractors?

8. Where, how and when can you communicate with me "live"?

9. What else tells people about me as a unique person?

Well, on it I will finish. The main thing is a sense of proportion! I hope it will not let you down!

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