Do I have to prepare for my funeral?

Undoubtedly, if a person has lived his life for good reason and left his own, albeit small, mark on history, he will be remembered about after many years. For 490 years, Leonardo da Vinci has not been on Earth, his physical body is not, and we all rejoice in his work, we remember him. Did we forget Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin? We remember our grandparents, even if they were not great. This is what remains after us.

However, I want to talk about something else, returning to the long-started article on the topic “Do I need to prepare for my funeral?”. For young people this topic may even seem ridiculous. But at a fairly mature age, the question seems to be quite pertinent and even relevant. Of course, none of us can know the exact date of our departure to another world, but that this will happen inevitably with everyone - there can be no doubt.

Remember how respectful of death in ancient Egypt, prepared for it for many years of his life; the richest even in life built magnificent tombs for themselves, the bodies mummified. In Russia, too, since ancient times, the moments associated with the funeral were stipulated. Many older people, especially in the villages, had “dominoes” in the attics or in the barn — coffins made in advance. In the chests, in a special bundle, lay carefully prepared funeral clothing, negotiated with loved ones, where, in which church, and which priest would be in the funeral. But nowadays such preliminary concerns often seem unusual. We do not like to talk about death even with the closest.

In the West, a completely different approach to this topic. Periodically, in our mailbox with numerous advertisements, we find an offer from a certain company to conclude an agreement on their own funeral.

When I received such an advertising card for the first time, I laughed. And the next time I thought that there was some reason in such a sentence. As can be seen from the advertisement, the question is put like this: “Why should I? Let my children take care of this ... ". But in the western world, and especially in America, where everything is painted, is regulated from birth to death, and especially no one should count on the financial assistance of relatives, the services of the company are certainly in demand. The company proposes to make a very reasonable monthly payment, starting at $ 9.95 (and higher, of course) if you wish to be cremated, and about $ 40 - if buried in the ground, taking into account the cost of the coffin. And to attract customers, a free lunch for two people is offered as a bonus when visiting a company.

I remembered how, in 1996 or 1997, when I arrived in Klaipeda, I was amazed to see beautifully decorated “graves” with huge expensive monuments of red and black granite in the old city cemetery, in which no one had yet lay. The names of the “owners” and the dates of their birth were carved on the stones, but there were no dates of death. The sister-in-law, who used to go with me, explained that now quickly grown rich citizens buy places for themselves here (so as not to end up in the new cemetery outside the city), and equip them to their taste, investing a lot of money in it. Somehow it seemed blasphemous such prudent attitude towards his death.

Later, in St. Petersburg newspapers, announcements about commercial, very, supposedly prestigious cemeteries appeared repeatedly, offering to buy a place for burial in advance. Plot prices in these future “cities of the dead” were very high, especially if a place for “family” burial was assumed — that is, 3-4 graves. I do not know whether there was a demand for such services, most likely, there were such firms. After all, land in cemeteries, especially in large cities, becomes more expensive every year.

You really start to wonder whether you need to prepare for your funeral, when you have to accompany your close and close people to the last journey. In the first hours after the death of a loved one, heartbroken relatives and friends are often unable to soberly consider the necessary expenses, and are forced to seek help from funeral agents. And funeral services will try to “squeeze” everything to the maximum! You need to pay and overpay for literally everything: from the services of the morgue (wash, embalm, put on), and ending with the burial itself.

The largest item of expenditure is the purchase of a place in the cemetery. There are 84 cemeteries in St. Petersburg, and you can only bury them in public open and semi-closed cemeteries. Moreover, in the half-closed cemeteries, burials are possible only in “kindred” graves, if there are documents confirming the relationship, and provided that 20 years have passed since the last funeral. There are no restrictions on open cemeteries. However, in order to get a “convenient place” even at open cemeteries, closer to the road or entrance, you must give a certain amount directly to the head of the cemetery service. But there are few open graveyards in the city on the Neva River - Southern, Northern and Kovalevskoe, everything is far, long and inconvenient to get to. However, as they say, everything is possible for money, even what is impossible. And for a certain, considerable bribe, there is a place on Smolensk (where St. Xenia rests), on Seraphim, and on other old cemeteries.

On the Internet you can find articles about the cost of a funeral in Moscow and St. Petersburg. So, in August of this year, according to estimates of one meticulous person, the minimum expenses for burial at the remote Peter’s cemetery cost 30 thousand rubles. I think they are lucky. Three years ago, we buried my closest school friend, not in St. Petersburg, but in Lomonosov. Yet there prices are slightly cheaper. And according to the will of the deceased she was cremated. Nevertheless, all the expenses for the preparation and the funeral itself cost 25 thousand, and this is without a memorial dinner.

In small towns and villages, everything is done much easier and much cheaper, where people know each other and willingly help in difficult times of sorrow. But there is a lot of money spent on the memorial table, and you still need to gather people on the 9th and 40th day. Two years ago, a close relative buried the tragically deceased husband. Vehicles provided from work for free, and the grave was dug for free, the cemetery is still there without a plan - take the place where you want. But on the wake and on the 9th day there were about 80 people - the man was respected. So funerals cost dearly!

It turns out that if you don’t want to burden your loved ones too much - children, grandchildren, other relatives, with large expenses for your own funeral, it makes sense to save up for this thing
some money
. My peers-friends call such pending savings “grave”. Many elderly and clothes themselves are prepared in advance, as in the old days. Moreover, I know from the stories of old people that clothing should be of natural quality - cotton, linen, wool, but not synthetics. And try, find such clothes right away! I do not know how men treat this. In family men, I think this is run by wives.

Do you think you need to prepare for your funeral?

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