Going to Hawaii? "Chew coconuts, eat bananas ..."

Fresh seafood is served everywhere, mainly from tuna and salmon, but also from octopus, squid, scallops, shrimp and algae. You can eat it all raw, or you can eat it smoked, but there is no fried fish dishes (you can eat chicken fried). All these delicacies are sold at every corner, in every eatery, in every shop. Many completely unfamiliar dishes, such as laulau.

This laulau my son and I bought in the store as a semi-finished product. Since we lived in a cottage, we had a stove and pans, and the dish was clearly Hawaiian. When I asked the saleswoman how to prepare it, we purchased a mysterious product and went home to the cottage. There I got acquainted with the ingredients of the future food: chicken, salted fish, taro leaves and tees (chicken and fish inside, leaves in the form of wrapping outside). The food was supposed to cook for a couple for 20 minutes.

In the seventh minute, my husband, who had no idea about our experience, asked what it smells so strange. The smell and truth was not weak and intensified with every moment. At the tenth minute, my husband went into the kitchen and asked what, in fact, I was cooking. “Chicken,” I grumbled in response, knowing that he usually eats chicken in any form. At the fifteenth minute, her husband left the house and sat down on the porch. Judging by the expression on his face, he was not going to eat this chicken.

We must pay tribute to me and my son - we tried this dish. Son managed to swallow food, I - no. Since I cannot reconcile with the idea that I cannot eat something, I, with my usual modesty, decided that I had wrongly cooked this laulau. In the end, in the absence of a double boiler, I was stewing a dish, and I also added beer there ... So not the next day I ordered a laulau for lunch at a small local restaurant, but not chicken, but pork. It turned out to be quite edible, although the husband still tried not to breathe while I was eating the food ordered. It's good that we were sitting on the veranda of the restaurant, and not inside ...

However, back to the luau. The luau celebration consists of two parts - food and presentation. Luau food is typical of Hawaiian cuisine, and any Luau menu will be mandatory:

Pork "Kaloua" - a pig baked in a pit ("imu" in Hawaiian) under the ground on hot stones. The pig is seasoned only with sea salt and covered with tee (cordilina) leaves.
Poi - purple taro root puree. It happens different consistencies, traditionally eaten only with your fingers. Depending on how many fingers you need to eat to eat, is called one-, two-, or three-finger.
Poké is a salad of sliced ​​raw fish lightly marinated in lemon juice with onions, salt (or soy sauce), sometimes sesame seeds or Japanese wasabi horseradish. Usually made from tuna, Hawaiian "ahi".
Salmon "Lomi-Lomi" - salad of lightly salted salmon, tomatoes, green onions and hot pepper. All ingredients are cut into small cubes and mixed.
Haupia is a coconut jelly made from coconut milk, sugar and a thickening agent, usually an arrowroot flour.

In addition to these typical dishes, beef and chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce, fried rice, vegetable salads, fruits and a cake are often offered.

All this is washed down with Mai Tai cocktails. I do not know what the residents of the Hawaiian Islands washed down on their food before the appearance of the Roma. Maybe fresh coconut milk? Exceptionally tasty and healthy drink, sold at every corner - drink straight from the coconut.

Before the start of the dinner, they showed us how the Kalouya pork is being prepared - young people in colorful Hawaiian skirts dug up a hole, scattered the leaves covering the pig, and took it out for general consideration. The spectacle was interesting - the pig still had teeth ... However, for serving the pig is cut into many small pieces, the bones are thrown away, the meat is very soft and tasty, despite the almost complete absence of spices.

After we had finished a rich dinner, we were invited to a concert of shells sounds, into which the previously mentioned young people in skirts blew. It was already dark, so the appearance on the stage (from the mountain) of the goddess Pele - the ancient Polynesian goddess of volcanoes - made a strong impression on the audience. Scattering several fire copies and stating that Hawaiians are her favorite children, the goddess disappeared in the bowels of the mountain, and the performance continued.

The most interesting part of the program was, of course, hula dancing. At first the girls danced on the stage, then they went "to the people". One of them was right next to me. Honestly, this is not an easy task - to hula. I didn’t understand how this dancer managed to twist her lower body in such a way, although she looked, goggling eyes with all her strength ... This is probably the gene memory of generations.

The concert ended in almost complete darkness, which was very successful, because the last program number was a dance with torches, including juggling with them, and hanging over them, and lighting new torches by biting a piece of fire from an old torch and exhaling this fire on new torch! All performances were accompanied by typical Hawaiian music, and the air smelled like sweet aromas of flowers and rum.

The next day we had to leave. I really did not want to leave this earthly paradise with its mild weather, fresh salty breeze from the ocean, friendly, unhurried people and even roosters! Many residents of the Hawaiian Islands once arrived tourists and stayed forever. As the Russian journalist Andrei Kulik said in his article about these magical places: “... the most precious thing about a person is life, it is given to him once, and it must be lived in Hawaii”. Better not say.

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