What are the golden rules of the bus tour? Life

The “nail of the program” bus tour - walking tours. There is no place for beauty when it is required to ride in archaic European pavement in narrow model shoes or in club sandals on a dizzy hairpin, which is so comfortable on the dance floor. Therefore, shoes are selected with all care. It will take at least two pairs - affordable sneakers or comfortable shoes and something “on the way out”. Slippers say flat “no”, it is more correct to replace them with sahaba or any other footwear that fixes the heel. In addition to footwear, we will also capture a cooling foot cream - it will save after a day full of walks.

Sunglasses and an umbrella will also be included in the category must have bus tour. The weather in the world is changeable, and when day after day you leave behind at least 600 kilometers, you need to be ready for anything. If you are going on a trip in the off-season, when the weather is especially unstable, you need a shoe dryer. How nice in the morning to get into warm, and most importantly - dry shoes! And impregnation is also needed. It will help protect shoes not only from moisture, but also from dirt. It is, however, difficult to find in Europe.

About clothes special conversation. In order to facilitate your existence and facilitate the weight of the suitcase it is not necessary to take the entire wardrobe on the trip. Basic rules: functionality and compatibility. No matter how you like your costume of pure flax, it is unlikely that you will give charm a crumpled like paper sheet, after five hours of fiddling in a bus chair a jacket. A pair of all-season jeans, a few jumpers or T-shirts, a thin woolen sweater and thick tights for a global cooling will suffice. Do not interfere with mufflers or shawls. It is also worth taking something cotton for the night and something festive that does not require ironing in case you go to a restaurant.

The suitcase is a suitcase, but it travels in the luggage compartment of the bus, and on the autobahn anyhow you don’t stop. Therefore, you will also need a city backpack in which you can put wet wipes, a bottle of mineral water, an apple, motion sickness pills, personal hygiene products, and a bit of cash. He "will go" with you in the cabin. In the bus we also take a windbreaker or a light sweater. They are more convenient to put on the top shelf. But just do not catch a cold if the temperature outside is uncomfortable.

Mint candy, favorite chocolate, chewing gum or a can of beer - are there a few trifles that make up our ordinary life? Do not give them up on the bus tour. At stops that, according to the rules, occur every three to four hours, drivers provide tourists with boiling water, as well as tea or coffee. As a rule, without any frills, the most common. Therefore, if you are accustomed to a particular tea or a variety of coffee, take them with you on a journey to be comfortable in all respects.

About pillow, put on the neck, and plaid write on many forums. But these things in reality are not so necessary. Sooner or later the neck gets numb from the pillow, and if you freeze a little, you get a windbreaker or sweater from the top shelf. What is really needed is a boiler. Provided, of course, that 2.5 euros for a cup of tea is expensive for you. Usually boilers carry with them for reasons of economy, the older generation, while young people prefer the lobby in the hotel.

A camera or video camera is also better not to hide far. Sometimes you drive through the most beautiful places, but you can not stop. Therefore, one has to fix impressions through the glass of a bus. In Europe, and sockets of a different standard, European. The adapter can be left at home if your equipment has flat rather than round forks.

One last thing: you should always have a mobile phone, guide phone numbers, addresses and phone numbers of hotels on the way (this information is usually provided with a ticket), as well as a notebook and pen. A guide during the trip gives a lot of useful tips on currency exchange, tells where it is better and cheaper to eat, what are the local features and what you can not do in any other country. Be sure to fix them on paper at least schematically, and then your journey will certainly be trouble-free.

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