Why do we swear? Choose a reason ...

Many usually foul language, having received a physical or mental injury. In the words of Jack London, a strong word spoken on time and in place facilitates the soul. But, quite rightly, he added, frequent use makes it meaningless. In addition, in Russia, a country of low production culture, swearing quite often replaces technical terms.

How not to call a child, or Kisa, ku-ku!

I will not commemorate the well-known experiments of the first years after the revolution, when children were called Electrification, Dognat-Peregnaty and even the name Dazdraperm, famous for its idiocy (long live May Day, who did not understand). Well, that it is not necessary to call the girl Dazdraperma, and the boy Oyushminald (O.

How to choose the right turn at the Crossroads of Destiny?

The question is that if you do not realize this point of transition, this is a magical decision - the scenario will change anyway. But without human intervention, it changes arbitrarily. For example - in case of refusal to make a decision, events are added randomly. And then you should not blame the fate. But if the moment is realized, then the chances of getting into the necessary reality are very high.