Beautiful not to lie - do not tell stories? From the life of Lenfilm. One of the tank stories

And it’s good if T-34−85 is made “like” by the German T-IV (sample of the middle of the war) or even “Tiger”, frying false-armor, making a false-tower and attaching a fake muzzle brake to the end of the barrel 'la Tiger'. But when instead of the T-26 or BT, the post-war T-44s go into battle, or two T-34–85 meet in one battle, only one of them has a star, and the other has a cross (as if to to know whom to count as downed in this battle) ... And if the director demands for filming a film about the war exactly and exactly the T-34 tank of the old model, with a 76 mm cannon?

Who will dress our kids for the New Year's masquerade?

Now, when you can buy absolutely everything, it's a sin not to dress up your children! I do not understand the moms who lead their kids to the matinee just in beautiful suits and dresses! There are enough holidays for such dresses, and a carnival can be arranged only once a year! That was how I reasoned when my eight-month-old baby sewed a Powder's suit at night.

What to do mom while the child sleeps on a walk?

In the case of benches and feet rest, consider our possibilities. The first and most urgent - the necessary calls and messages on a mobile phone. In a low voice, of course. You are unlikely to like it if someone is talking about the weather over your ear during your sleep. If you have a laptop or a PDA and the weather allows you to use this technique, then you are also welcome.

Is this your psychologist?

Here are some of the worst mistakes: “Catch up and cause good,” that is, break the main commandment of psychologists: “Do not ask - do not go.” It manifests itself in the need to teach, to give advice even where it is not asked. These are frequent manifestations of a beginning psychologist or who wants to become one. Gives advices . A good psychologist never gives specific advice, but only helps the client to understand his problem and brings him as close as possible to the host of possible solutions.

Do you need a kindergarten for your child?

The current crisis is also linked to the fact that since 1990, due to the re-profiling and privatization of kindergartens in the country, their number has almost halved - from 88 thousand to 46 thousand. And most of the parents from the very moment of birth of the child are already concerned about finding a suitable kindergarten. However, it is worth thinking about whether a child needs a kindergarten at all?