How did a hero grow from a schoolboy? Part 2

Go to the beginning of the story - Do you remember Valery Rodionov from our class? - suddenly asked Lilka. - Rodionova? - Tanya thought for a moment. And suddenly, as if in the memory of a team of memories, the image of an awkward, thin, fair-haired boy appeared in her head, who smiled a naively childish smile and was not particularly interested in English.

How to play "Hali-halo"?

Natasha had curly hair and beautiful long legs. The boys then did not even know how to understand this, but were only aware that even though it was the same weather, it was almost a head above the whole yard yard. For this, her name was simply: "Mop." But she did not take offense - she was accustomed ... Her mother was an alcoholic and used words to be worse.

How to choose a kitchen?

Depending on the area of ​​the apartment, the kitchen is divided into three categories: 1. A small kitchen, up to 6-8 meters; 2. The kitchen is medium in size, from 9−12 meters; 3. A large kitchen, usually combined with a dining room, is over 12 meters. When planning the kitchen, regardless of the area, it is important to consider its convenience and functionality.

How to dream that dreams come true?

Did you know that all our dreams can be fulfilled? Well, just like the wonderful science fiction writer Max Fry in “The Bringers” - “sooner or later, one way or another.” In these words lies the catch. Sometimes the desired comes too late, and no longer gives us such pleasure. Or performed by some unpleasant manner, turning our dreams inside out.

Why don't you have what you always wanted?

Have you ever wondered why you do not have what you always wanted? You probably could jump and pick a fetus. But they said to themselves: "I will grow up a bit and reach out." And so time passed, and you could not reach it. Or they didn’t want to, because they said to themselves again: “I’m still growing up, and there’s no need to reach out.”